Flight pending

So both the blog and I have been quiet in preparation for the big flight home on Friday. I am flying solo with my 4yo, 2yo and 1yo. I can’t wait to get to Ireland, but I am DREADING the flight. I will, no doubt, have a post about it when I’ve had time to recover! For the moment, regular transmission is interrupted…

The Fickle Finger of Fashion | K-A International Mothers in Japan

A fantastic new addition to the KA International Mothers blog. A perfect summation of how to handle the contents of your wardrobe

The Fickle Finger of Fashion | K-A International Mothers in Japan.

Santa is back

The Wakaba Walk Santa statue is taking his pride of place in the main courtyard again this year.  By sitting on Santa’s lap the Christmas tree behind him lights up.

1-Dec 3 2013 (4)

Wakaba Walk is a mall in Sakado, a minutes walk from the Wakaba Station on the Tobu Tojo Line. It is a small mall, with 56 shops.  Well known stores include Yaoko, Daiso and Akachan Honpo.  There are a few restaurants, a food court, “Halos Garden” amusement / kids centre and a cinema.  Parking is free for the first two hours. You can get a ticket validated for a further free hour when you purchase more than 1000 yen in one shop. Cinema goers can enjoy free parking for up to 4 hours. The parking lot is open until 1am.