Mihashi Park in Omiya

Omiya park is the most famous park in the Omiya area, but in my humble opinion it is far from the best. The playground isn’t very good and it is located next to coin operated rides. The lesser known Mihashi Sougo Park, 三橋総合公園, is free to play in and has more for active children. It is also easier to navigate.

The park is conveniently located off route 17. It is has plenty of free parking.  There is an indoor community pool within the park, as well as other indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. There are 2 playgrounds, a running / cycle track and plenty of open spaces for children to play in.

The main playground boasts lots of different athletic type playground equipment. The main attraction is the ship in the centre of the playground, with its tall and curvy slides. It has a number of different climbing options, as you can see in the photo below.Mihashi park (2)

Other equipment in this playground encourages climbing skills, such as the monkey bars, climbing wall and ropes. There is also a net climbing attraction, which proves very popular, as you can see in the photo below.
Mihashi park (5)

There is good shade around the circumference of this playground, as there are lots of trees making it ideal for picnicking in the summer. And by mid afternoon the playground is mostly in the shade. There are also picnic tables dotted throughout the playground. There are vending machines that sell drinks and there is a van that sells pot noodles. 🙂 There are toilets beside the car park, the tennis court and in the sports facility opposite the swimming pool.

Mihashi park (3)Near the tennis courts there is another, smaller playground suited to toddlers and smaller children. It has swings as well as the roller slide pictured.

Mihashi park (4)

Another attraction of this park, for my kids anyway, is the abundance of insects. Today, for example, my kids and their friends (who we brought to the park with us), caught over 20 grasshoppers, beetles and crickets. 🙂



Address: 5 Mihashi, Nishi Ward, Saitama City
Access by car: 10 minutes from the Yono exit of the Shuto expressway (Omiya route). Located at the intersection of R17 and R2
TEL: 048-623-0505
URL: http://www.city.saitama.jp/004/006/003/003/p033466.html

“Mothers’ class” and more free presents from my maternity hotel

The present and free samples received at today's antenatal class
The present and free samples received at today’s antenatal class

I had my last ever antenatal class at my maternity hospital today.  🙁 They call them “Mothers’ class”.  Today’s was about delivery (of the baby, of course!).

The “class” was 2 hours long and divided into 2 parts, with a break between. The first part was a video of a woman giving birth, not too graphic, but not hollywood style either.  Following this, the director of the hospital gave an in-depth lecture on all you ever needed to know, but would rather not, about birthing a baby!  Actually, it was quite interesting, but the real fun part was after the recess, when we were grouped off for chatting and brainstorming.

When it was over, as with every maternity class at this hospital, we were given a present on our way out. Today, we got a buggy / stroller original cover, and as with every class, samples, magazines and a free drink coupon for the cafe on the ground floor.

I took a few random photos today, as there seems to be an interest in this topic, judging from the stats of my blog. The post Afternoon tea at my maternity hospital was shared on Facebook more than 60 times.  Prior to that post, the most a post had ever been shared was 8 times!! So a very big and very sincere thank you to everyone who shared my post on Facebook. 🙂

A coupon for a free drink in the hospital's cafe
A coupon for a free drink in the hospital’s cafe
Present from the
Present from the “About Birth” Mother’s class at Keiai. An original buggy / stroller cover
Halloween display in the lobby of my maternity hospital
Halloween display in the lobby of my maternity hospital
Some of the trees in the small, but perfectly kept garden of Keiai, are illuminated at night.
Some of the trees (in the small, but perfectly kept garden of Keiai) are illuminated at night.
“Welcome to Keiai” sign in the garden of the hospital

Afternoon Tea at my Maternity Hospital

P1000665 32 weeks, the goal is in sight, and the maternity classes are coming to an end.  I will miss my bi-monthly indulgences!  I went to my 2nd last class this week, “Hospital Stay Briefing Session”. It is the only obligatory class, but nobody needs an excuse to go to these wonderful classes with all the gifts we get.  The Briefing class also comes with a very delicious Afternoon Tea in the main restaurant. In previous years this session came with lunch served in the KI Hall, while we listened to the chefs introduce their cuisine and the room staff explaining the gifts in our private rooms! I preferred the afternoon tea as it allowed me talk to some of the other Moms.

アフタヌーン・ティー 恵愛病院
P1000666 P1000667 P1000682