Shizuoka, Atami. Sun beach

Written in 2012.

The lasting impression I got of Atami was that, while it is slowly being rejuvenated, it’s  prime was in a past era.  I wasn’t surprised on reading up on it to learn it has been popular as a hot spring resort since the 8th century.  I was surprised, though, to read that it is ranked as one of Japan’s Three Great Hot Springs. We may have been unlucky, but the hot springs we visited were old and decadent.

Atami sun beach Credit Kotaro san. From Wikimedia Commons

It has a huge amount of potential and maybe one day it will thrive again.  For now, it has an interesting mix of old and new, but the beach (and it’s stop on a bullet train route) ensures that it will always be a popular tourist area.

Atami Sun Beach Credit Tomi Makitalo
Atami Sun Beach Credit Tomi Makitalo

The beach in question is called Sun Beach.  It is certainly not the prettiest beach or longest beach in Shizuoka, but it is a nice beach and is ideal for toddlers.  In my experience, it never gets particularly crowded, but I have not been there in the height of summer.  The promenade seems quite new and it was very well maintained.  There was plenty of cleaning staff in the area.  You have to pay to park the car in the sea front car parks and while they weren’t cheap they were worth it for the convenience of being close to the beach with two toddlers and a day’s worth of beach essentials to transport.  Atami beach has plenty of accessible toilets and areas to wash feet.  There are also some showers on the promenade. There are a few restaurants, shops and amusements nearby. One of the highlights for us was the cable car to the top of the cliff, for the view and NOT for the building that is there. Randomly, it is home to an adult museum, which just added to the shadows of despair lurking in this old town.

View from the cable car station Atami Sun Beach, Shizuoka

On balance it was well worth the trip for the beach, the ocean, the views and the holiday feel. The onsens weren’t what they were cracked up to be and the place feels so dilapidated. The cost of the hotel was twice what we would normally pay and the room was substandard. We won’t be rushing back, but we are glad we visited.

View from the cable car, Atami, Shizuoka
View from our hotel, Atami, Shizuoka

Libro Books in Lalaport; a fun space for young kids | FUJIMI


I love the kids space in the Libro Books in Lalaport, Fujimi. It is bright and colourful, with a high ceiling made from mirrors. There is a little archway entrance on one side, only big enough for small kids. They have comfy stools for parents to use, while the kids play with the decent selection of toys they have out. They stock Bornelund and other educational toys of which there is a generous amount of samples out for the kids to play with freely. They also have many sample books including interactive books for the kids to play with and try out.

They have a great selection of children’s books, even translated foreign authors. They even stock translated versions of a children’s author from my home country, Ireland. You don’t see Chris Haughton’s children’s books in many other places. They have a good selection of interactive books; books with songs, music and aural stories or books with physical activities such as driving a car or scanning shopping cards. They also have a great selection of activity books with pull out origami or crafts.  The bad news is that all of their children’s books and activity books, even the ones by foreign authors, are in Japanese only. Some of the games they sell do come with English instructions. In the adult section they have a fair selection of magazines covering all genres. The travel magazine section isn’t as extensive as other book shops I frequent.

The shop is located on the first floor of Lalaport Fujimi. Parking is shared with Lalaport and is free. The nearest car parks are six and seven, but you have to come in from the 2nd floor and get an elevator or escalator down a floor. The staff are pleasant and helpful, but I don’t think they speak English.


Hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Address: LaLaport Fujimi, 1 Chome-1313 Yamamuro, Fujimi-shi, Saitama-ken 354-8560

Phone: 049-275-1090