2018 Santa Guide | GREATER TOKYO AREA

Insaitama.com was the first English language website to provide a complete list of all the places you can visit Santa in the greater Tokyo area. This year is no exception. Kanagawa, Gunma, Ibaraki and Tochigi area guides are on the way, but you will find some of the places already listed in the live update under the Tokyo and Chiba area guides.

Santa Claus 2018 Information and Live Update

Latest information, 2018/12/12 21:30

The Tokyo Round up for 2018

Santa Meet and Greet locations with information confirmed by December 3rd 2018:

The Chiba Round up for 2018

Santa Kanagawa Round up 2018

Santa Saitama Meet and Greets

You can find Santa and other Christmas events in the event section of insaitama.com or in the round up:

Ibaraki Round up 2018


CHIBA: White Santa in Ikspiari (beside Disney) various dates

IBARAKI: Santa at Hitachi Naka Seaside park various dates

KANAGAWA: Redbrick Warehouse Santa December 14th

SAITAMA: Maruhiro Kawagoe December 14th

TOKYO: Green Santa at Kidzania December 14th and 15th (Links to the event’s official English webpage)

TOKYO: Takao and Fuchu Toys R Us on December 15th

TOKYO: Shinjuku Takashimaya on the 15th

TOKYO: LaQua, Tokyo Dome City on the 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th

KANAGAWA: Yokohama Izumi AND Yokosuka Toys R Us on the 15th

KANAGAWA: Takashimaya Yokohama on the 15th

KANAGAWA: Lalaport Yokohama on the 15th

SAITAMA: Hanno Maruhiro on the 15th

SAITAMA: Maruhiro in Sakado on December 15th

TOCHIGI: Finland No Mori Santa December 15th

TOCHIGI: Santa in Premium Outlets Sano December 15th

CHIBA: Santa at Chiba Naganuma and Makuhari Shintoshin branches of Toys R Us on December 15th

IBARAKI: Toys R Us Mito December 15th 
and Hitachi Naka Seaside park

CHIBA: Atre Matsudo Santa on December 15th and 16th

KANAGAWAIkea Kohoku Yokohama December 15th and 16th 

KANAGAWA: Green Santa at Motomachi on the 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th

SAITAMA: Lapland Santa at Maruhiro Higashimatsuyama December 16th

SAITAMA: Lapland Santa at Maruhiro in Ageo December 16th

CHIBA: Takashimaya Station Mall Santa on December 16th

CHIBA: Santa at Shin Kamagaya and Soga branches of Toys R Us on December 16th

KANAGAWA: Hiratsuka AND Hadano branches of Toys r us on the 16th

IBARAKI: Toys R Us Ryugaseki on the 16th
And Hitachi Naka Seaside Park

KANAGAWARedbrick Warehouse Santa December 18th

KANAGAWARedbrick Warehouse Santa December 20th

KANAGAWARedbrick Warehouse Santa December 21st

TOKYO: Santa at Roppongi Hills December 22nd, 23rd and 24th (Links to the event’s official English information webpage)

KANAGAWAIkea Kohoku Yokohama December 22nd, 23rd and 24th (Japanese language)

KANAGAWA: Shonan FIll on December 22nd

CHIBA: Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall December 22nd

CHIBA: Shin Uruyasu branch of Toys R Us on December 22nd

SAITAMA: Santa in Aeon Mall Urawa Misono December 22nd

IBARAKI: TX Tsukuba Station on the 22nd
And Hitachi Naka Seaside Park

TOKYO: Fuchu Babies R Us On the 23rd

TOKYO: Ario Nishi Aria on the 23rd

TOKYO: Lumine, Ogikubo on the 23rd

TOKYO: Nihonbashi Takashimaya on the 23rd

TOKYO: Sunamo Minami Sunamachi on the 23rd

TOKYO: Gate City Plaza on the 23rd

TOKYO: Atre Meguro on the 23rd

TOKYO: Aeon Mall Musashi Muruyama on the 23rd

KANAGAWA: Takashimaya Yokohama on the 23rd

KANAGAWA: Mosaic Mall on the 23rd

SAITAMA: Cocoon City Santa December 22nd and 23rd

CHIBA: Green Santa in Funabashi Andersen Park December 23rd

CHIBA: Atre Shin Uruyasu Santa on December 23rd

KANAGAWA: Lalaport Shonan Hiratsuka on the 23rd and 24th

TOKYO: Tokyo East 21 on December 24th 

TOKYO: Aeon Mall Tamadaira no Mori December 24th

CHIBA: Aeon Kisarazu Santa December 24th

CHIBA: Ario Soga Santa December 24th

SAITAMA: Santa at Lalaport Fujimi December 24th

SAITAMA: Aeon Mall Kasukabe December 24th

SAITAMA: Santa at Stellar Town December 24th **you need to enter a draw by December 16th for this Santa**

IBARAKI: Aeon in Tsukuba on the 24th

IBARAKI: Sky station Sorara on the 24th

IBARAKI: Moriya Library on the 24th

KANAGAWA: World Porter’s on the 23rd, 24th and 25th

IBARAKI: Flower Park in Ishioka on the 23rd, 24th and 25th 


Finnish Santa in Metsa Village on November 9th.

Santa Claus is visiting Toys-r-us in Aqua City Odaiba on November 4th 2018. He will be there at 12 noon and again at 2.30 pm. 100 people will be able to get their photo with Santa and 10 of those will get to have a chat with Santa. Don’t forget your camera! More information here.

“Santa Before Christmas” at Books Sanseido Ikebukuro

Santa Claus visits Books Sanseido in Ikebukuro before the Christmas season starts.  This Santa is from Finland, like actually from Finland! He’s been representing Santa for 57 years. He will be in the branch on November 23rd at 4 pm on the 4th floor. 

Official event information.

During November more information will be added to this live update as it becomes available. And by early December the full guide will be available.

14 locations you can meet and greet Santa in the Greater Tokyo area on DECEMBER 1st:

12 locations you can meet Santa and get your photo with him in the Tokyo area on December 2nd:

TOKYO: Afternoon Tea Atre Oimachi December 6th

KANAGAWA: Afternoon Tea Lazona December 6th

KANAGAWA: Takatsu Kawasaki Toysrus DEcember 8th

TOKYO: Santa in St Clair Ochanomizu December 8th

TOKYO: Matsuya Ginza December 8th

TOKYO: Tachikawa Takashimaya December 8th

TOKYO: Musashi Muruyama and Machida Tamasaki Toys R Us branches on December 8th

SAITAMA: Santa in Toys R Us Mallage Kuki December 8th

SAITAMA: Santa in TOys R Us Warabi December 8th

CHIBA: Lalaport Tokyo Bay Santa December 8th

CHIBA: Santa at Chiba New Town and Matsudo branches of Toys R Us December 8th

KANAGAWA: Sugimahara Toys R Us on December 9th

KANAGAWA: Ikea Kohoku Yokohama December 8th and 9th 

KANAGAWA: Odawara Toys R Us on the 9th

IBARAKI: Takasaki Takashimaya

TOKYO: Tamagawa Takashimaya December 9th

TOKYO: Tama and Toshimaen Toys R Us on December 9th

IBARAKI: Premium Outlets Santa Ami December 9th

SAITAMA: Santa Metsa Village December 9th

SAITAMA: Santa in Toys R Us Tokorozawa December 9th

SAITAMA: Santa in Aeon Mall Kawaguchi Maekawa December 9th

SAITAMA: Santa in Seibu Iruma Pepe on December 9th

CHIBA: Santa at the Narita branch of Toys R Us December 9th

CHIBA: Roman No Mori Santa on December 10th

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