Autumn scenery in Saitama, Japan

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I finally found what I was looking for; the perfect autumnal scenery. Bonus was it was while playing at one of our favourite parks, Maruyama Park in Ageo.  The view is quite spectacular. If you live near Saitama and enjoy taking photos, I highly recommend it as a place to shoot those brilliant reds associated with Japanese autumn. I am not a photographer, nor do I pretend to be, so I did the best I could to take photos of the beautiful foliage with 3 children hanging off me, waiting to go to the playground!

All you need to know about Maruyama Park:

Best of Saitama | Maruyama Park, AGEO

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    1. Elle Post author

      It is worth the trip; even if the leaves have fallen it is still a lovely park. There were dozens of photographers out with their tripods today. I hope someday I can take my time taking photos without having to chase after one of my kids 🙂

      Thank you for commenting.

    1. Elle Post author

      I used to live in Ookuruyama, Yokohama. Wonderful part of Japan. 🙂 I love Kamakura, but haven’t been in a while. I imagine its very scenic this time of year. Last time I was there I had no interest in “autumn leaves”, funny how kids and age changes things!

      1. Jay Dee

        The autumn leaves are quite good, especially in the hills and hiking trails. I haven’t been to Kamakura since Sunday, since I work there once a week 🙂

  1. 14mayvenus

    Hello again – I’m going on Thursday. How do you get there? Just looked at the map on Google – I can’t see Maruyama Park near Ageo station. Aching to go! Your photos are sensational!! Can you let me know what station to get off at. Sometimes I work near Omiya so am familiar with the Psycho line.

    1. Elle Post author

      And I missed some of the best spots, because I couldn’t get the kids to hang around long enough! You will get excellent photos.

      Just copying and pasting this from another post I wrote, I hope it makes sense!!

      From JR Ageo Station;

      Tobu bus for terminal “Maruyama Park”; West Exit No. 6 bus
      City bus “Gurutto-kun” for hirakata-zyunkan; West Exit. Alight at “Maruyama Koen
      Minamiguchi” bus stop or “Shizen gakusyu-kan iriguchi” bus stop

      1. 14mayvenus

        wonderful – thank you so much. Look forward to getting in a muddle without my non Japanese speaking self. I might get a few photos very similar to yours! Thanks again.

        1. Elle Post author

          The one place that I regret missing is at the top of the mount (at the top of the waterfall) there are some great scenes , but there were around 10 photographers lined up there and no room to squeeze in to get a shot and no time to hang around! I hope you can get some good ones there. I look forward to seeing them!!

        2. Elle Post author

          Dying to hear how you got on… how were the leaves? Did you get good photos? … Did you get there ok!?

          1. 14mayvenus

            Errrrrrm!! Had a very frustrating experience! I think basically I didn’t get out early enough. Arrived about 2pm at Ageo station then couldn’t find the no. 6 bus stop. Found it with the help of a Japanese woman. She ummed and errrrred trying to look at the timetable. Another person tried to help then said the next bus goes at 9pm!!! Gave up as there would only be 1 hour of good light left. Didn’t really want to take a taxi in case it cost 3000 yen.

            My boss is in Omiya so ran to him, very stressed. Because I can’t speak, read or write Japanese I’m always at the mercy of others! Anyway, they printed out the timetable for the bus and I’ll try again on Sunday. I’m aiming for the 11:35am one otherwise I will take the plunge and get a taxi.

            Came back home and have an enlarged tonsil!!! Had flu for a couple of weeks now.

            So to cut a sob story short, I’ll be trying again on Sunday. Desperate not to miss it!

            Sorry to sound so boring – but thank you so much for asking! That has made my day.

          2. Elle Post author

            Oh noooooo! I am so sorry to hear this. I feel responsible too. I should have given you better information to get to the park. 🙁 Awwwww. I have a friend whose going there on Saturday, I’ll check with her Saturday evening how the leaves are doing and post here for you so you’ll at least know if they are still good for Sunday. I’ll see if I can find another bus too, but that will be tomorrow at the earliest. I hope your flu buggers off too! 🙁

          3. 14mayvenus

            Not at all – it was my fault. Went there too late and assumed that there would be buses every 15 minutes!! Buses in Japan are not quite like the train system. I can’t wait to go on Sunday but if you have info from your friend, I’d be really grateful. Look forward! Have a great weekend.

          4. Elle Post author

            Even though Ageo is a relatively big city there are parts that are very rural. Rural buses are hopeless. Where I live (quite countryside) we’ve only one bus an hour. I was surprised there are so few for Maruyama park as its a really popular park. I was looking at the reg plates in the car park last time and there were cars from Gunma, Tochigi and Tokyo! I will update tomorrow on how the leaves are doing. 🙂

          5. 14mayvenus

            Yes – rural buses are hopeless. When I went to Nikko it was more appalling. Strange how the bus services are so inefficient whilst the trains are not. I hope Japan will come up with a new type of transport for the Olympics, as they did with the shinkansen in 1964 or 6? Greatly looking forward to your update tomorrow.

          6. Elle Post author

            She didn’t go today, she’s going tomorrow! I hope they will still be beautiful. I was at another park nearby today and while some trees are bare, the red ones are at their peak now. So hopefully… fingers crossed for tomorrow.

            I hope they come up with something better too. Hard to believe they are increasing the bus fares next year, they are incredibly over-priced as it is.

          7. 14mayvenus

            Actually I crashed today. Decided not to go out at all and will just enjoy looking at your photos. After weeks of flu and forcing myself to go out every day off, I just needed a rest at home! And slightly hungover after a work do last night. Next year!

          8. Elle Post author

            🙂 Good to take a rest and look after yourself. I was worried they wouldn’t be as nice as they were. I hope you get a good rest and feel better soon. Was the hangover worth it; did you have a good night last night?

          9. 14mayvenus

            Yes – took until now to feel better! Last night was fun – I recently joined a British language school and there was a huge party for 400 teachers. Having been in Japan working for Japanese companies I suddenly feel at peace surrounded by lots of British people – sense of humour and things in common. Plus a sense of the ridiculous – I really missed that when working in other jobs. But strangely I feel a little homesick because this bubble of Britishness means I’m kind of further away from the romantic Japanese life I had – namely silence (not speaking or understanding Japanese) and continually having to entertain myself visiting museums, art galleries and taking tons of photos alone. Feels weird!!

          10. Elle Post author

            I get it, but I had it the other way around – when I first came here I came with 6 other Irish and we had our little bubble. Then I worked with JET for a while, with lots of foreigners around. Now though I’m in the depths of rural Saitama with no English speakers around and my sense of humour doesn’t really translate. That feels weird, too!! 🙂 Glad you’re feeling a bit better.

  2. Bunny bee

    Gorgeous! I totally missed the autumn leaves this year ! Hope to catch some in Tokyo. Your blog is a gold mine for me I love it 🙂

    1. Elle Post author

      Aw, thank you Bunny Bee! I’ve been wondering how you are? Thanks for stopping by again and commenting 🙂

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