“Books and Cafe” at Tokinosumika, Gotemba

From the website www.tokinosumika.com
From the website www.tokinosumika.com

 BRIEF UPDATE 2016: “Books and cafe” has undergone some changes and it is no longer free in. More details to come in the coming days.

There is a lovely cafe in the Tokinosumika resort, aptly called “Books & Cafe”! It’s one of my favourite spaces actually, due to the ambience and wooden structure. It’s a nice place to relax over a coffee and a book. Now I enjoy it on our annual visits as it is also an interesting space for children. There is a wooden ball pool that babies and toddlers enjoy as well as wooden toys for toddlers and young children. There are books too for people of all ages. The cafe and the book area are slightly separate, so you can hang out in the “books” part without eating. They’ve a great selection of photo books as well as a good selection of kids books. There are seats, benches and cubby holes in the book area.
URL: http://www.tokinosumika.com/restaurant/bookscafe.php
Opening hours: 10.00-19.00

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        1. Oh yes, definitely cat cafes. How about Cat Island? Do I have that on my blog.. can’t remember; even the lodgings on the island are cat shaped

          1. Now that you say it; I think I have heard of it before. Actually, yes I do know of it – I just remembered there’s a girl I know who goes to it annually!

    1. Its a nice space, but you – you’ve been to the places!! Thanks for commenting, it was a reminder to catch up on your wonderful adventures.

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