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Play-a-day is the term I coined for the challenge I set myself, for the kids and I, after the triple disaster in March 2011. Every day for a year, I either brought the children to a different play area or I did a new play activity with them. In October 2012 I started the project again, this time with less “new” places and/or activities, but still with the objective of doing something / going somewhere DIFFERENT every day of the year. I have shared some of our adventures in this blog;

Very easy paper and rice craft – spider web

This is a very easy activity that even babies can enjoy and you only need 2 things for it. The kids enjoyed this one more than yesterday’s paper plate threading craft. This one is particularly convenient for people who have cooked sticky rice warming in the rice cooker. I have seen this craft on other websites, but usually with glue […]

Easy paper plate craft – spider webs

In an attempt to pass on some of my Irish culture to my half-Japanese kids, we are making a Halloween  craft every day of October. Today, we made two different patterns of spider webs from paper plates, both good for improving fine motor skills. We also did some spider rhymes and fingerplay. This is a follow on from yesterday’s paper spider craft. Halloween isn’t […]

2 minutes easy paper craft – Spiders

For the month of October I hope to do a Halloween craft a day with my kids. Today’s craft is an extension of a craft we frequently do when we read “The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle and make spider webs with paper, string and tape. Normally we draw the spiders in the web, but with Halloween approaching I want to decorate […]

2 minutes easy paper crafts – Ice-creams

I turned on the TV to check the weather one morning this week and there was a crafts show for children on. They were making paper ice-cream. My little ones watched in awe, so it was only fitting that we gave it a try. You will need a gachapon capsule or a shallow wide cup such as the cup on a […]

2 minutes free and easy paper crafts – swords

We are psyching up to Halloween, a very big holiday at home (Ireland) with its ancient roots in the Samhain, a celtic festival. I haven’t decided what to dress the kids as yet, but I always have a pirate outfit as the back-up plan as it is so easy to make. The pirate’s sword is about as easy a Halloween accessory […]

Disaster Training: An earthquake, a typhoon and a fire all in one day…| KOUNOSU

… all simulated, thankfully, in the Saitama’s free Disaster training center! Friday, in our ever enjoyable quest to try something new everyday, we ventured to the Saitama Prefecture Center for Disaster Training in Konosu. I was very impressed with the set-up and experiences on offer at this free center. I was also suitably impressed with the building itself, built to […]

Ario in Ageo is now open and very toddler friendly

  I was suitably impressed with Saitama’s latest mall in Ageo and have found a new hang out for my toddlers and baby. Ario in Ageo has a real modern feel to it and I think it’s the most toddler friendly mall in this area. Peony Walk in Higashi Matsuyama has long been our haven for hot or rainy days, […]

A day out in Tokyo with toddlers: Moomin Cafe and Asobono

  Tokyo Dome City with kids I really enjoyed visiting Tokyo Dome City with kids. It took us two hours to reach our final destination, but it was completely worth the wait. First, we went to Tokyo’s first themed cafe, the Moomin Bakery and Cafe. We escaped having to queue to be seated by opting to have a light snack rather than […]

“Multi-training wall” at Miyoshino Children’s Centre, Sakado

  Yesterday, we went to Miyoshino children’s centre to participate in a free event for toddlers.  Half way through the hour long event, DD1 decided she’d had enough.  It is very relaxed at these events for preschoolers, so there is no problem leaving the room during the event to do other things.  DD1 had her eye on the training wall […]

A kamishibai performer in the making?

Kamishibai – Japanese storytelling… My son is using a stage and Kamishibai; a type of illustrated story, or “story card theater drama”, that is popular for children in Japan.  Kamishibai dates back to the 12th Century Japan (*some say 8th Century) when supposedly it was used by Buddhist monks to convey stories with moral lessons, not unlike parables. The storyteller (gaito kamishibaiya) […]