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Santa Japan 2017 Guide for the Greater Tokyo Area

Premium Outlets Santa Claus |GREATER TOKYO AREA

Premium Outlets Santa – From December 3rd Santa is travelling around the Premium Outlets for a rare photo opportunity. You will be able to get your photo taken with Santa free of charge, if you have a ticket, but you need to have your own camera with you. This year they have reduced the number of sessions from four to three. However, […]

Santa Japan 2017 Guide for the Greater Tokyo Area

Ochanomizu Santa Claus | TOKYO 2017

Ochanomizu Santa, Tokyo – For the 11th year in a row, St Clair in Ochanomizu is one of the first places that the real Santa will visit. It is not only one of the longest running Finland Santa’s in Tokyo, but also one of the most popular. People queue for hours for the chance to meet Santa who has flown […]

2017 Santa Guide | GREATER TOKYO AREA

Santa Japan – Please find hereafter information about places you can see and visit Santa (Japan). Under each red banner you will find more information. In the case of Tokyo and Chiba the photo box you see under the red banner links to a full list for each area. is a not for profit free information share and travel […]

Halloween Kawagoe and halloween events saitama

Saitama Halloween Events Round Up

A live up-date of Halloween events for 2018 Below you will find the 2017 round up of Halloween events in Saitama. It will be removed within the next few weeks as the 2018 information becomes more readily available. For now, here is the confirmed Halloween events for 2018: Halloween Kasukabe: Welcome Halloween Party Aeon | KASUKABE Halloween Higashimatsuyama: Happy Halloween […]

Family Friendly Nagatoro Autocamp | CHICHIBU

We used to spend almost every weekend each August in the Chichibu area, mainly Yokoze and Nagatoro, before we had kids. It is one of my favourite areas in Saitama due to the abundance of nature. It is a very beautiful part of Saitama, and indeed the Kanto area. And due to its accessibility from and proximity to Tokyo, it […]

Stunning Shibazakura Moss Phlox at Hitsujiyama Park | CHICHIBU

Shibazakura Chichibu – The renowned Shibazakura or Moss Phlox of Chichibu’s Hitsujiyama Park are currently in full bloom. Since the 400,000 moss phlox of nine different varieties were planted in 2000 the shibazakura festival of Chichibu has enjoyed increasing seasonal traffic and become one of Saitama’s most famous spring scenes. We visited on Sunday, a couple of days short of full bloom, but standing […]

Events and Freebies during Golden Week | SAITAMA

Its that wonderful time of the year again when we can live without either heating or air conditioning. When spring is in the air, but summer is just around the corner. Golden Week is very aptly named ; between the weather and the events it really is a golden time of the year! The entire population may very well get […]

Saitama Sakura

Cherry blossoms and Swimming School | HIGASHIMATSUYAMA

Swimming School Saitama: Beautiful cherry trees + cleanest pool water in the prefecture! Higashimatsuyama Swimming School Saitama – When we were starting our oldest in swimming classes we looked at a number of pools in the Ageo – Kawagoe – Hiki district – Higashimatsuyama area of Saitama. We settled on one of the swimming schools in Higashimatsuyama. There are two […]

Katsusehara Memorial Park: enclosed playground close to station | FUJIMI

Small local park suited to kids with cherry blossoms Tobu Tojo Line Katsusehara Memorial park in Fujimi is a great park for hanami (cherry blossom picnic) and play dates with toddlers. It was one of my favourite parks for meeting my own friends for a good chat when all four of my kids were under six. The main reason is […]

A map of Sakura Cherry Blossom Locations | SAITAMA

A map of most of the key locations for hanami and / or sakura cherry blossom viewing in the Saitama area. Please click on the location for further information. If you have a blog post or photo of any location on the map (or indeed any location not on the map but in Saitama) that you would like added, please […]