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Kawamin House Play Center with engaging outdoor play area | KAWAJIMA

Kawajima Play Area – Kawajima is a little known town in the larger district of Hiki. It has become slightly more recognised in recent years as one of the newer exits on the Ken-o Expressway. However, it has quite a bit more to offer, including Japan’s longest rose tunnel, which is in a nice park very close to the play centre featured […]

Japan’s longest rose tunnel at Heisei no Mori | KAWAJIMA

Heisei no Mori is a park in West Saitama in a town that has recently become better known, due to its exit on the Ken-o Expressway.  Kawajima town, also referred to as Kawashima town,  is beside the cities of Sakado, Kawagoe,  Higashimatsuyama and Okegawa. The park has started to make its mark and become more popular and famous due to its […]

紅葉 Autumn Leaves at Heisei No Mori Park

Heisei no Mori park is situated in a town that few people even in Saitama know, even fewer by its proper name, Kawajima. Due to a mistake in the roads department, the Interchange that should have familiarised people with the town’s name didn’t as it was mistakenly called “Kawashima”! This park is less than 5 minutes from the “Kawashima” Interchange […]