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Kuki City in Saitama, commutable from Tokyo, Tochigi and other areas of Saitama on the Shonan Shinjuku Line, Tobu Isesaki Line, Utsunomiya line, Tohoku main line, Tobu Nikko line

>60 Privately Run Indoor Play / Fun / Amusement Centers in Saitama

Indoor Play Center Saitama – A list of 65 of the Play / Fun / Amusement Centers (excluding Jidokan community play centers) in the prefecture of Saitama. **I have no affiliation to any of these companies, nor do I receive any reward or benefit for sharing their information. is a not-for-profit blog. The ads you see on the blog […]

Santa IS coming to Saitama!

Santa Claus IS coming to Saitama. I was beginning to think he wasn’t, but just two minutes ago I found where Santa will visit in Saitama. He is visiting Mallage in Kuki this coming Sunday, the 20th of December. Mallage are offering customers the chance to get their photo taken with Santa at one of the three allocated time slots. […]

Soyu Himitsu No Mori, “Secret Forest” at Mallage | KUKI

The Mallage in Kuki city offers a number of facilities and services for children, including the Soyu Himitsu No Mori, or Secret Forest, play centre on the 1st floor. It has the unique feature of an indoor paddling / splash pool, which is part of the Secret Waterfall area. There is a changing area where you can borrow pool clothes and store your own […]