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Things to do in Saitama – There is a huge amount of things to do and places to go in Saitama. There are approximately 600 places and events included on this blog.

This is the master list of all the fun and interesting things you can do with children in Saitama. There are over 300 articles in this category. You will find Tokyo and other areas in the Kanto area and beyond in the drop down menu. You can also use the drop down boxes to see places in Saitama further categorized under headings such as “Parks & Playgrounds”, “Play / Fun Centres” “Museums and Educational” and so forth.

Things to do in Saitama: Events

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Saitama With Kids prides itself for being the first English language site to provide comprehensive information for key foreign holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and New Years. Saitama with Kids was also the first site to list the majority of places you can visit Santa in the English language.

Okegawa Children’s Park | OKEGAWA

February 1st 2013, Okegawa Children’s Park Today’s play-a-day was a new park for us, but I’m guessing Okegawa Children’s Park has been around a long time. The “monster” in the… Read more »

Fun all year round in Kamihira Park | AGEO

My overwhelming impression of today’s new park is that it is the most used park I’ve been to this month. A friend commented to me recently that Japanese people don’t… Read more »

“Moomin Valley”, Akebono Children’s Forest | HANNO

Moomin Valley – Nicknamed “Moomin House” the quirky building pictured is one of three buildings (and a cafe added in 2018) in this free, unique and imaginative theme park for children… Read more »

A fun day out in Saiboku; Hot springs and Ham! |HIDAKA

Hot spring near Tokyo: Written in November 2012, updated February 2015 and 2017. Saiboku hot spring near Tokyo is often described as a food theme park, but for me that conjures… Read more »

Ageo Cherry Blossom Festival

Best of Saitama Maruyama Park | AGEO

Maruyama park is frequently listed in Saitama’s top 3 list of parks. It is personally one of my favourites.  I love that although the park isn’t massive, there is so much to… Read more »

Baby colds on Daddy’s 2nd day off

Play-a-day, day 2. Toys-r-us, Kawagoe. Written Oct 21, 2012. Jan 29, 2017 Toysrus on R254 closed its doors for good. Since we brought our newborn home 3 weeks ago my husband… Read more »