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Things to do in Saitama – There is a huge selection of things to do, experience, see and places to go in Saitama. There are approximately 600 places and events included on this blog, with even more in the pipeline.

This is the master list of all the fun and interesting things you can do in the Prefecture. There are over 400 articles in this category. You will find Tokyo and other areas in the Kanto area and beyond in the drop down menu. You can also use the drop down boxes to see places listed by “do”, “see”, “play” “eat” and “stay”. Within each main category there are further categorizations under headings such as “Parks & Playgrounds”, “Play / Fun Centres” “Museums and Educational” and so forth.

Events in Saitama

The events are in the “Event Calendar“.  You can find all sorts of seasonal events by day, week or month. With an average of 10 events per day to choose from, you’ll never be bored! Some of the events listed have no English information anywhere else online. prides itself for being the first English language site to provide comprehensive information for key foreign holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and New Years in Saitama. It was also the first site to list the majority of places you can visit Santa in the English language in the Greater Tokyo area.