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Things to do in Kawagoe, from a level 9 local guide – Kawagoe (also known as Koedo or Coedo) features a lot on my blog as I have lived near it for more than 10 years. You will find over 40 things to do in Kawagoe on this blog, some of the places listed have no other English information available anywhere else on the web.If you have any queries about the area, just pop your question into a comment on any thread and I will respond.

40+ things to do in Kawagoe: you will find articles on the various parks & play areas, tourist spots, off the beaten track areas of the city, as well as fun and unique cafés, shops and restaurants and much more! You will also find a live calendar of events for the area, listing not only the famous festivals, but more local type events too. You can find that event calendar here. You will also find seasonal information for where to visit Santa or ring in the New Year or how about a traditional setsubun event… if its on in Koedo you will find it on Saitama with Kids.