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Saitama Strawberry Picking Season in 2020 | VARIOUS LOCATIONS

January 7 @ 10:00 - April 5 @ 16:30

Saitama Strawberry Picking

Saitama Strawberry Picking Season 2019

Saitama Strawberry picking season starts as early as mid-December in parts of Kanto, but it is not until the end of January that all the strawberry picking farms are open daily. Last year the 2019 season was a little later than normal and this year seems to be the same. Several of the farms that usually open in December are only opening the first week in January. However, the majority of strawberry farms are aiming to be open by mid January. 

The system of strawberry farms in Saitama is usually a fixed price for a half of hour of picking and all-you-can-eat (as you pick, you pay extra to bring strawberries home).  Some farms do not have a time restriction, but generally those farms are more expensive. The prices per farm differ greatly, some start as cheap as 600 yen for children, but adult costs are usually around 1,800 yen.  As the weather warms, it is not unusual for the farms to reflect this in their charges and lower the price in April or May.  Most (but not all) farms do not charge for children two years old and under. Parking is typically free. If you do want to bring the strawberries you picked home, they will charge by the weight of the strawberries you picked.

Below is a selection of farms where you can enjoy strawberry picking in Saitama (it is not exhaustive). Each farm listed is linked to a website with further information. However, the information on the websites is only available in Japanese unless otherwise stated. I have not quoted prices below, as they can often change. Please see the individual farm website for price information. Roman numerals are used so even if you do not read Japanese you can see the prices.

If you would like more information in English on a particular farm, please ask in the comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, please feel free to add your own recommendations in the comment area.

Hiki District


☆Strawberry Hunt


TEL: 049-297-7909

SEASON: usually from mid December to Mid May, however this is one farm that is behind this season, 2020. They are currently selling strawberries, but regular picking won’t be available until at least the 14th of January. Hours: Please note, that this farm generally only operates in the morning. They post on their website when they close for the day. 

🍓They sometimes have a 100 yen discount QR code on their website, but not currently (January 2020)

—— Strawberry Picking in Saitama ——


☆Roadside Station Ichigo no sato (駅の道いちごの里): a coop of strawberry picking farms.


TEL:  0493-53-1530

SEASON: January to May

🍓Information in English including three other strawberry picking farms in Yoshimi: Strawberry Picking in Yoshimi, Saitama

—— Picking strawberries in Saitama ——

Moroyama (beside Hiki District)

☆Barrier free Ichigo no Sato Moroyama

URL: Official website

Tel: 049-295-8015

Season: Usually one of the earliest to open, around mid December. But this year, 2020, they are late also and won’t open until January 7th.

🍓This one is a 50 minute season and they offer all-you-can-eat toppings for free. It is a popular strawberry picking farm that features on TV often. They also have an all year round cafe nearby. 


Chichibu Area

☆Okiune Farm (おきうね農園)


TEL: 0494-23-2712

SEASON: from mid December

—— Saitama Strawberry Picking ——

☆Yokoze Town Tourism (横瀬町観光)


TEL: 0494-25-0450

SEASON: from January

🍓The linked website above provides names and numbers of 10 strawberry picking farms in the areas of Yokoze and Ashigakubo

—— Places to pick strawberries in Saitama ——

☆Chichibu Fruits Farm


TEL: 0494-23-2711

SEASON: from mid January

Saitama City Area

☆Iwatsuki Strawberry Picking Tourist Farm (岩槻いちご狩り観光農園)


TEL: 048-798-4196

SEASON: Mid the end of February to May

—— Where you can pick strawberries in Saitama ——

☆Fukai Farm (深井農園)


TEL: 090-2929-3640

SEASON: End of December to Mid May

Saitama City Area

☆Sayama Berryland (狭山ベリーランド)


TEL: 090-5411-7314

SEASON: January 1st 2020 to end of May

Gyoda Area Area

☆Berry’s farm Hasegawa (ベリーズファームはせがわ)


TEL: 080-5030-1583

SEASON: Start of January to end of June

Pick up: Sakado

Our personal favourite place to pick strawberries in Saitama with kids:

Strawberry Picking with a play area | SAKADO


Shimura Strawberry Farm
小沼 埼玉県坂戸市小沼102
坂戸市, 埼玉県 〒350-0202 Japan
+ Google Map

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