FavFoto Friday

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This is part of Sandy (of Scribbles and Musings) #FavFotoFriday challenge. I am not a photographer, nor am I aspiring to be one. I just like taking photos. The #FavFotoFriday is a WordPress Daily Post approved challenge. It’s simple; pick a favourite photo you took in the last week, share it, pingback to Sandy and use the tag.

I love the colours in this photo I took last Sunday in Hikarigaoka Park in Nerima, Tokyo, close to the Saitama city of Wako. I also love how the trees are reflected in the rain water.

Post lucky number 13 for the NaBloPoMo challenge complete. 🙂

Hikarigaoka colours

4 comments on “FavFoto Friday

    1. Elle

      I don’t know much about photography at all, but a friend once told me rainy day photos capture great colour while sunny days don’t. I think this is a case in point! Plus I was lucky to witness the autumn foliage in its prime. I did brighten the photo though, while the colours were great, the lighting was not!


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