Flight pending

So both the blog and I have been quiet in preparation for the big flight home on Friday. I am flying solo with my 4yo, 2yo and 1yo. I can’t wait to get to Ireland, but I am DREADING the flight. I will, no doubt, have a post about it when I’ve had time to recover! For the moment, regular transmission is interrupted…

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    1. Via Amsterdam! I definitely have more toys in the hand luggage than clothes. Probably won’t even use half of them, but always better to be safe than sorry!

      1. Have a great trip – don’t how you do it! But seeing Japanese women with 3 children under 5 I suppose you would think it was quite normal. Everything seems so under control.
        Have a great Christmas and New Year!

          1. Did you have a good time? I went to Thailand and Singapore – so very different from Japan and to see if I could work there but Japan wins hands down every time! I visited M&S in Singapore and it was at least double the price but managed to eat the foods I adore including Heinz Tomato Soup. Campbell’s is no comparison!

          2. I liked Singapore, but Japan wins out for me too. 🙂 And I prefer Heinz too! It was great to see family and friends, but it wasn’t quite the trip I imagined because my youngest took 3 weeks to settle – she wouldn’t leave my side, so those mad nights out dancing on barrels will have to wait for another time. 🙂 Did you have a nice holiday season?

    1. Aw, thank you 🙂
      Ah a nice cuppa Irish tea; can’t wait. My Mam asked what we’d like for our first supper; I ordered a fry up. I haven’t had one in 2.5 years, Ican almost smell the superquinn sausages. Yummm.

  1. Good luck ! Take as much as you can to keep them entertain 🙂 ( and pepper spray any rude personn who might complain huhu!)

    1. Thank you! Hopefully it will be one of those cases where it turns out to be MUCH better than expected. Have a great Christmas and New Year 🙂

    1. I wish there was a direct flight, but no such luck. Going was much easier and enjoyable than expected. Coming back was a little more challenging, but we survived! When I shrug the lag, I hope to post about the whole experience 😉

      It was all totally worth it, though we’d a great time. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year

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