Halloween Event Saitama: Kisai Fancy Dress Party and halloween activities

Kisai halloween event

On the 6th of October from 13.00 to 16.30 the Kisai shopping area in Kazo city is holding its 6th annual Halloween Event. It is a fancy dress “party”. Participation is free and suited to all ages.

In conjunction with the shops in the area kids can enjoy a stamp rally. There is also a fancy dress parade, fancy dress contest, begoma (like a spinning top) competition, jack-o-lantern crafts as well as an animal petting area.

The address is the area around 1148 Kisai, Kazo, Saitama.  The contact number given for the event is 0480-73-0224. The website is http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kisai_halloween

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0 comments on “Halloween Event Saitama: Kisai Fancy Dress Party and halloween activities

  1. TonyJ2

    I am a bit surprised (and a tad dismayed) that Halloween has made it to Japan. Am I a bad person for saying that? I have to say my 3 kids are all grown up now, so maybe I am just out of the loop.

    1. Elle Post author

      I agree to an extent because its not the same as at home. I think it was adopted to promote consumerism. Yet another marketing gimmick. Its not a Japanese twist on a Western tradition, its another half-heartedly adopted money spinner! Although, in spite of all that, I am glad that my kids can know a little more about my “half” through the few events that are thrown near the time. Yet, nothing on Halloween night itself! Did you do anything on Halloween when they were little?


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