Halloween parades in Japan

As Halloween has its origin in my home country, I have observed Halloween in Japan with interest! They don’t celebrate it like at home: there is no trick or treating or halloween night bonfires; but they do mark the event and celebrate it in different ways.

This year, for the first time since I came in 2000, I went to a Halloween Parade.  There were a number of parades over the weekend past, 25th & 26th October, but we met new friends at the one in Kawasaki.  Kawasaki is a city on the Tokyo side of Kanagawa, a 10 minute train ride from Tokyo JR’s Shinagawa train station.

The parade started at 2.30pm and supposedly had around 3,000 participants.  There were a lot of witches and pumpkin girls, but what’s halloween without them!   If you are looking for a Halloween costume idea for this Friday, you might be inspired by some of the below!:

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Halloween winding down in Japan
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Movie characters Halloween costumes

Japanese Jack Sparrow look-a-like

Japanese Jack Sparrow
Japanese Jack Sparrow

Battle Royale costume

Japanese Harry Potter

Dream girls:

Japanese 'Dream Girls'


Clone Troopers from Star Wars

No parade in Japan would be complete without some Disney and Anime characters:

The Genie from Aladdin

Pokemon character? And Snow White one

Snow white two

Peter Pan
Peter Pan


Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Some good ghosts


Russian Nesting Dolls
Russian Nesting Dolls


Pumpkin Themed Halloween Costumes

Baby Pumpkin!
Baby Pumpkin!

Pumpkin Girls
Pumpkin Girls

Sexy pumpkin girls


All photos taken at the Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2008

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