Hello Kitty in a Kimono, Kawagoe Kitty-chan souvenir shop

Not only is Kawagoe a tourist area, but it is great place for shopping. There are many high street retailers, discount stores, chain stores, retail outlets, brand names, novelty shops… and even some specialty stores, such as this Hello Kitty souvenir store. Kitty chan and / or cat  fans, come one, come all!!
Hello Kitty

0 thoughts on “Hello Kitty in a Kimono, Kawagoe Kitty-chan souvenir shop”

    1. The shop is on the main strip of warehouses. I think they change Kitty’s clothes sometimes, so I will be on the lookout for her in other apparel! 🙂

  1. We found a similar shop in Shinjuku! My daughter was feeling homesick, so we went out to get her something special…. Then she was given another by one of my former students a couple of days later 🙂

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