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New ice-cream shop

New Ice-cream Shop at Enomoto Farm

Enomoto Farm in Ageo is frequently mentioned in guide books to Saitama with small children, due to the selection of bikes and push along toys kids can play with for free.  In more recent years, it also features in cycling magazines as a suitable place to rest and refresh on the Arakawa cycle course route.  Its most famous acclaim is its delicious ice-cream, which has been featured on TV. Some say its the best south of Hokkaido!

Last March the Enomoto’s built a new ice-cream shop on their premises. They tore down the old shop and replaced it, so the shop does not take away space from the play and rest area. The new shop has more seating than the previous shop.  At a guess it sits about 20 people. The picnic tables and toilets remain the same, as does the play area out by the BBQ pits.  They have added a cycle course map and information spot in the rest area. I don’t which came first, the information or the cyclists, but nowadays there are more cyclists than kids!

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    1. Elle

      haha! The kids wanted it that day even though it was only 5 degrees. Of course, the 2 year old couldn’t finish hers so I just HAD to eat it. 😉


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