Today (2015), our local summer pool opened for the season. Kawagoe Suijo Kouen, or Kawagoe Water or Aquatic Park, is one of the bigger summer pools in Saitama. Like all the other seasonal pools, it only opens for 7 weeks over the summer holidays. Last year we spent most weekends there. It’s a great way to get the kids to go to bed early, have a deep sleep and sleep later than normal in the morning! All that water play really tires them out and they really really love it.

One of the main attractions of Kawagoe’s water park is the pool with waves. It is inclined; the shallow end starts at 0 and the deep end is 1.6 metres. The waves come every 10 minutes.

Another popular feature of the water park is the large ship in the centre of the park. (photo from the official website).

Of course, the various slides are very popular too. (These photos taken from the official website).

For small children there is a pool that is only 30cm and it has 2 small slides. My kids are in this one, somewhere!  Nappies/ Diapers are ok in this pool.

Children's pool, 30cm deep with two slides
Children’s pool, 30cm deep with two slides

There is also a 60cm pool with a fountain that my older two kids (5 and 4) can enjoy and my 2 year old with a float.
Kawagoe Suijo Koen Children's pool 60cm fountain

Other features include fountains, jets, sprays and a wading river at different points in the park. There is also a simple pool. You can use a small pop up tent in the park, in fact, most Japanese people do. We may have been the only ones without, the first time we went! There is limited shaded areas in the park, so these pop up tents are very practical and for my Irish skin 100% essential!

A sea of tents
A sea of tents

During the summer there is a special bus that runs to the park from Kawagoe and Honkawagoe stations. There are 2 restaurants, 2 kiosks and a number of vans that sell food and drink. There is also a shop that sells pool goods. There is a shower and locker room and plenty of toilets. There is also tennis, futsal and soccer. There are a number of events held over the summer including snorkelling classes. There is a no tattoo policy (see photo below). You can get a full list, in Japanese, plus more information on the official website:  Update July 2016 – new website:

Please check there for up-to-date charges. The prices last year (2014):

2014/ 8/17 10:40

Additional information:

Outside the aquatic park there is a free public park with a small playground and a lake with swan boats for hire. On this blog:  紅葉 Autumn leaves at Kawagoe Water Park

17 thoughts on “SUMMER POOL SEASON IS HERE! Kawagoe Water Park”

    1. Yes, if they can’t see it I think its fine. And actually last year my friend who has visible ones, but just in light coloured ink, had 2 of hers partially visible and nothing was said. I was reading the other day that they are thinking of changing those rules nationally, in a bid to globalise Japan a bit more! I must find and link the article. Thanks for making me think of it. 🙂 And for commenting as its a reminder to go over and check out your blog. 🙂

  1. Wow, Japan definitely wins for most kawaii things and places huh? Seems really children/family friendly! Btw, loving your new theme! A bit lighter and spacier 😉

    1. Thank you so much Summer Tan. Yes, it is so family friendly here. We never run out of things to do and all quite reasonably priced. Some really unique stuff also. It is a great destination with young children and even better to live here with small kids. 🙂

  2. I’m terrified of water rides. but maybe i’ll go with my nephew to the kids pool if I visit Japan. haven’t seen a good water park in a while here, sadly

    1. I amn’t great on big ones I have to say. I had a bad experience once, when a big adult came down the slide after me in an aqua park in Spain and I was still under water – he landed on top of me and he didn’t realise straight away. It was probably only 30 seconds of being stuck under him – but it was so scary. If you do come here, there’s lots of choice so you might find one that suits you. 🙂

  3. Looks like a fun time on a hot summer day. As a child, I spend a lot of time in swimming pools and on the beaches of California. When in Colleges, I used to be able to swim a mile. Now I walk or ride the bike.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting MythRider. I have to admit swimming is not my forte. I used to swim reasonably well. Then I had 3 separate incidents, spread out over years, that led me to be a little afraid of water. I like to walk and cycle too. 🙂

      1. Something happened to my mother. She was terrified of getting in the water. To y good fortune, she didn’t pass her fears to me.
        Sorry you had problems. I’m glad you survived each incident.

        1. Thank you. I am glad your mother didn’t pass her fears to you. I hide my fears from my kids. I really don’t want them to feel the way I do about water, they should enjoy it. I am glad you do. 🙂

          1. Thank you, but I need to be braver; I need to get over my fear. I have been trying, but… I need to try harder. 🙂

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