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Kurakake Barbecue Site Higashimatsuyama Countryside bbq area near Tokyo

Kurakake barbecue site, also known as Kurakake Clear Stream Village or Kurakake Seiryu no Sato in Japanese, is a riverside barbecue spot in Higashimatsuyama. The area has been used for barbecues for decades, but the riverbed area was cleaned up with new facilities added in 2017.

River and Barbecue Site Highlights

Kurakake Barbecue Site  Higashimatsuyama
  • Kid safe / Child friendly river
    • Relatively clean water
    • Shallow
    • Only a weak current in two or three spots
    • Stepping stones
    • No moss on the stones
    • Swimming rings, inflated boats, water guns etc allowed
  • No restrictions on camp / barbecue goods on the riverbed
  • Fish in the river and fishing allowed (catch and release please!)
  • Picturesque / Instagrammable!
  • Only 500 yen per car for a full day
    • They provide you with rubbish bags on paying
    • Rubbish can be left at a central collection point
  • Toilets on both sides of the river
  • Drinking water taps
  • Sinks for cleaning dishes
  • Small shop selling drinks, barbecue and river goods
  • Reserved area with benches and barbecue sets for hire
  • Dogs allowed

Toki River

Kurakake BBQ Site Higashimatsuyama near Tokyo River play bbq area

The site is on the Toki river. The river is definitely clean enough for children to play in and there is no rubbish in it. But the water is not drinkable and it wouldn’t win a prize for the cleanest river in Saitama!

River play

Kurakake Barbecue site with stepping stones higashimatsuyama

What is great for families with young children is that the river is not particularly deep. And asides from a handful of locations further downstream, there aren’t really any currents in the river. There are stepping stones, which the kids love, near the bridge beside the car park.

Kurakake barbecue site bbq area near tokyo

Like with any river, sometimes there are some slippy spots, but by and large as there is no moss on the stones it is a relatively safe river to walk in. I would advise some sort of water shoe. If you forgot to bring some, you can buy them at a reasonable price (supply permitting) in the small shop on the south side of the river.

No restrictions barbecue site

There are no strict rules enforced at this site. And they allow all manner of water toys in the river. And similarly no restrictions on camping / barbecue goods on the riverbed. Occasionally we have been to sites that won’t allow you pitch a tent, but this site has no such restriction. Anything goes.


There are some fish in the river. Actually there is no official rule that you can’t bring home what you catch, but by and large children catch and release these days. They are just small fish and occasionally some crabs too. You can buy fishing nets in the small shop or bring your own.


The area is quite picturesque with lush green and / or countryside views. There aren’t any large buildings in sight and they have maintained the natural appearance of this country riverside spot. The bridge, which is as functional as it is quaint, is a narrow one car width old fashioned bridge without any sides. The handful of small buildings in the area, such as the toilets and shops, are hidden in the wooded area.

In April wisteria grows on the south side. Currently (May 2019) there are Japanese primrose in bloom also on the south side. In September there are some red spider lilies. And in Autumn you can see foliage change colours on the West side. Most of the trees are evergreens though, so during the season that the BBQ area is open you can enjoy fresh lush green scenery.

Reserving an area

Kurakake reserved area barbecue site

Along the riverbed is a free for all, first come first served. But if you prefer to book an area in advance, you can reserve a barbecue area in the woods. The woods are on the embankment above the river on the south side. If you book this area, you also get priority parking in either one of the car parks.

Booking a table in the reserved area costs 2000 yen. If you want a full barbecue set it costs 3,500 yen. You bring your own food, but they provide all the necessary equipment to barbecue it.

Kurakake Barbecue Site Information

Kurakake BBQ site, aka Kurakake Clear Stream Village aka, Kurakake Seiryu no Sato, Toki River, Higashimatsuyama

Season: from April 1st

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm for the car park, toilets and bins, seven days a week. You can’t pitch a tent or tarp out of the hours either, but the river itself is not private and thus is open 24 hours. Also, although the car park’s official hours are from 9 am, in my experience it is always open at least ten minutes before that.

Cost: if you are just using the riverside it is only 500 yen per car. (See above about the priority / reservation area). They give you plastics bag when you pay on the way in and you can leave your rubbish in a designated area in the car park.

Address: 559 Gōdo, Higashimatsuyama, Saitama 355-0066

Phone: 0493-81-6868

Official Website


The Kurakake Barbecue site is just 40 minutes from Tokyo on the Kanetsu Expressway. You get off at the Higashimatsuyama Interchange and drive 4 kilometres (about 8 minutes) west on country roads.

By public transport although the nearest station as the crow flies is Tsukinowa, there is no bus from that station to the barbecue site. It is about a 40 minute walk. But if you get off at Takasaka station you can get a bus to Kobe Shrine it is only a 15 minute walk from the shrine.

Other barbecue areas in Saitama

Okegawa – bbq area in Shiroyama Park

Kawagoe – barbecue area in Isanuma park

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19 comments on “Riverside Kurakake Barbecue Site | HIGASHIMATSUYAMA

  1. Lyosha Varezhkina

    Looks like so very much fun! I would so stay there and enjoy it all! so very pretty and relaxing. river side rocks

    1. L M N Post author

      I love the outdoors. Something so refreshing and revitalising about the riverside in particular. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Anagha

    I had been to similar place in India. You have taken nice photos. Clean and not shallow water. I love going to such places. It refreshes me. It’s been long time didn go.

  3. Adriana Martin

    wow this site and that river looks great have never been to Asia I need to add this place to my bucket list.

  4. kidneyfornikki

    This looks like a really great picnic spot and really ideal for the family. I like that you can reserve a spot. There’s nothing like having to look around for a spot to sit down and grill your food. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Waren Jean Go

    Such a nice place for BBQ! We just had one yesterday in our balcony, but I wish we are doing it in this place.

  6. Rosey A

    Not sure I’d want to drive on that bridge. Everything else looks amazing though! 🙂

  7. Mommy Sigrid

    Waaa so many people. Not the place for me. I prefer solitude for nature outings. I would be constantly worrying about the kids, our stuff, etc. haha Well, that’s just me. 🙂

    1. L M N Post author

      Thankfully Japan is a very safe place – you can leave your stuff unattended and 99.9% of the time it will be safe 🙂 We are very lucky. Truth is I prefer solitude for nature outings too (when it’s just me), but the kids like having other kids to play with. 🙂

  8. Beeb Ashcroft

    The river definitely looks like it’s pretty clear. I bet it was a blast to play in!

  9. toastycritic

    It looks like such a fun place there. I know my daughter would have loved that when she was younger. And doing a BBQ there sounds like a perfect holiday.


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