Letter to Santa event, Peony Walk

Peony walk letter to santa

Update 2015 – Available again this year.

Yesterday, Peony Walk in HigashiMatsuyama opened a “letter to Santa” corner on the 2nd floor in “Peony Court”. It is open from 10am to 9pm. Postcards and pens are provided for the children to write their requests to Santa, then tie them to a Christmas tree.


The mall is only a kilometre from the Takasaka station and about six kilometres from the Higashi Matsuyama Interchange on the Kanetsu expressway.  You can get a bus from Takasaka station for 100 en per adult and 50 yen per child, although walking is just as quick as the bus stops twice.


http://www.peonywalk.com/ (Japanese only)

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