Outdoor Park in Shinrin Kouen

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As part of the NaBloPoMo challenge, this month Wednesdays are dedicated to introducing a weekend event of interest in the Saitama area. This week I have chosen an event at one of our favourite parks that has featured quite a bit on this blog. Shinrin park in Namegawa is a National Government Park. You have to pay for parking and admission, but the grounds, activities and events are plentiful.

 This weekend’s special event is a good one! “Outdoor park” is from 10am to 3pm both Saturday and Sunday.  There are stage performances, workshops, booths, food, cooking demos, product displays, hammocks, nordic walking… buggy work outs!! As well as all that there are many activities you can try, at a fee, that aren’t regularly available such as;

  • Slackline
  • Sports kite
  • Tree+ing (at Shinrin Park on this blog)
  • Bouldering
  • Bungy Trampoline
  • Water Ball
  • Horse riding
  • Scooter bike and board
  • Pon-poco mountain


The latter, Pon-poco mountain pictured, is always available at Shinrin park, in fact, a little known fact is that it is the largest trampoline in Japan. 🙂  This is near the central exit where the event is mainly taking place, in the “undo hiroba”. Please note some of the activities will be cancelled in the event of rain.

My kids have tried most of these activities in the past and really enjoyed them. My 6 year old son recommends the Tree+ing, my 4 year old daughter recommends the bungy trampoline. We have yet to try the scooter bike and board, so I am personally keen to check that out.  It remains cloaked in mystery as their website claims the photo is in a meeting at the moment!!

The pics in a meeting



Saturday is Saitama Day and many places are free in, but Shinrin Park is not participating. Entry and parking fees apply, plus each activity costs additional money. A lot of the events are between 500 and 1000 yen per person. You can find general access details and up-to-date costs on their English webpage of their website: http://www.shinrinkoen.jp/english/. However, for activity costs and further details pertaining to this event there is only information in Japanese:  http://www.shinrinkoen.jp/outdoor/

More on Shinrin park on this blog –

Treeing: http://insaitama.com/tree-climbing-in-saitama/

Night illumination: http://insaitama.com/shinrin-park-winter-illumination/

Athletic playground at the West exit: http://insaitama.com/a-pirate-paradise/

Even more articles can be found through the search function. 🙂


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