Preparing for baby number 4

Am I nesting? 
Most definitely. I didn’t recognise it on my other pregnancies, but there is no denying it is here and strong on this pregnancy.

What is nesting like?
Nesting can make you want to clean places you would never normally think to clean. What bewilders me it is often unrelated to the arrival of the baby.  For example, why I had the urge to clean under the door thresholds, behind the fridge and the inside of the washing machine is beyond me.  However, I did it and many other random places in the last few weeks.  I have also done a lot of cleaning and preparing for the baby itself, such as wash a feck load of baby clothes, blankets and other necessities. I even washed the buggies and steam cleaned them…

What am I doing differently than on my other 3 pregnancies?
Steam cleaning! I don’t think I steam cleaned the buggies or car seats for the other three. This time I find I am more efficient and also more aware of things I can have prepared to make things easier when #4 arrives. For example, I have already prepared well over 20 sets of baby underwear (that ties under the arms), placed into outerwear that also ties under the arms, so it will be easy to dress the baby after a code red nappy or bath!

Japanese style baby wear.  There are no seams on the inside and there are strings under the arms to tie, so you don't have to lift over the baby's head.
Japanese style baby wear. There are no seams on the inside and there are strings under the arms to tie, so you don’t have to lift over the baby’s head. This is a vest type one placed inside an outer type.

I am also indulging myself a lot more than I did on the other three.  It is important after all that Mama is well rested before going into labour!  Today, at my maternity hospital for a checkup, I once again availed of the free hand/arm massage service, and I treated myself to lunch with a cappuccino. The latter was free as I used one of the free drink coupons you get at each Mama / maternity / antenatal class.

Lunch at the cafe in my maternity hospital
Lunch at the cafe in my maternity hospital

Only a few weeks left until the baby arrives; I plan to make the most of it. I think the nesting will continue, but so will the indulgences. 🙂

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    1. Haha!!! That is a very good and very realistic explanation of why we getting nesting. I doubt I will ever clean like this again, at least I am hoping I will never ever have the desire to clean under the door thresholds. What a bizarre place to want to clean!!

    1. I can identify with that; my first my bump was HUGE. My current bump is half, if not a third of that bump. I was so restricted for the last month. Thankfully, this time bump is nice and neat. Its my smallest baby so far.

  1. Wow, 4 and keeping it all nicely together. Super mum!

    Nesting… I’d like to say no, that’s not me, but somehow I did end up cleaning all weird places too. At some point my husband suggested I’d get a new hobby to distract me of all the cleaning ideas 😀

    1. LOL! Its amazing how it gets a grip of us. It is a bizarre phenomenon; the one time in our life we are allowed to sit around with our feet up without feeling guilty and we want to be scrubbing floors and cleaning places that not even a professional cleaner would think to clean!

  2. I remember the nesting! I’m surprised this is the first time for you. I guess every pregnancy really is different!

    Best of luck with the resting up and the delivery.

    (Loved hearing about the baby clothes – the things you don’t realise about babies in other places!)

    1. Thanks Bronwyn, I think I am at the resting up phase now, my favourite part 😉
      And thanks for the tip on the baby clothes, maybe I’ll showcase a little more.

      I probably had nesting on my eldest, but I didn’t realise that’s what it was, just thought I was kicking- some-household-ass. But it was nothing like this. Nothing! Just as well this is a recognised part of pregnancy or I’d think I was losing my marbles!

    1. I couldn’t move much on the others either. I am the neatest I have ever been on this one, not a big bump at all. My eldest is the most excited, he has nick-named the bump “donguri-kun”. We still don’t know the gender, we are purposefully waiting until s/he is born for the surprise, so I have explained to my son it could be a girl. He is having none of it, he has decided its a boy and that’s final 🙂

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