Saitama Halloween Events 2017 Round Up

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Saitama Halloween Events 2017 Round Up

A free guide in English for Saitama Halloween Events in 2017. A guide for Tokyo from is also linked below the Saitama events. is a free not-for-profit information blog. The sponsored adverts on this site contribute to the costs of self-hosting a website:

Halloween in Saitama City

Omiya Halloween Festival | OMIYA


Cocoon City Halloween Parade | SAITAMA

Halloween at Ofuro Cafe Utatane | SAITAMA

Halloween in Kawaguchi

Free Halloween Fancy Dress Walk | KAWAGUCHI

Halloween in Koshigaya

Koshigaya Lake Town Halloween Party | KOSHIGAYA

Halloween in Tokorozawa

Halloween Night Party @ Seibuen Yuenchi | TOKOROZAWA


Halloween in Kawagoe

Halloween Kids Parade at Atre | KAWAGOE

Halloween in Namegawa

Halloween Night in the Forest @ Shinrin Park | NAMEGAWA


Halloween in Kitamoto

Happy Halloween in Kitamoto Higashichuo Street | KITAMOTO

Halloween in Miyashiro

Halloween Night Party @ Tobu Zoo | MIYASHIRO


Halloween in Higashimatsuyama

Happy Halloween 2017 @ Saitama Children’s Zoo | HIGASHIMATSUYAMA

Halloween in Kids US Land in Seiyu | HIGASHIMATSUYAMA


Halloween in Kazo

Kisai Halloween | KAZO


Halloween in Ageo

Halloween Parade & Zombie Party @ Ario | AGEO

Halloween in Misato

Misato Halloween Fes | MISATO

Halloween in Warabi

Halloween World | WARABI


Halloween in Hanno

Halloween Costume Contest at Kenny’s Family Village | HANNO


Halloween in Sayama

Happy Halloween in the Chikozan Zoo | SAYAMA

Halloween Costume Contest | SAYAMA

Halloween in Iruma

Halloween Costume Contest | IRUMA



Halloween in Yorii

Halloween at the Museum of Rivers | YORII


Halloween in Kumagaya


Oninni Halloween | KUMAGAYA


More Saitama Halloween Events will be added as information becomes available.

You can find even more events for October on Saitama With Kids Events Calendar.


You can find a round-up for Halloween events in Tokyo on Best Living Japan:

Tokyo 2017 Halloween Events, Costumes, Decorations and Candy

Tokyo 2017 Halloween Events, Costumes, Decorations and Candy

Here is our go to list of Tokyo 2017 Halloween Events, Costumes, Decorations and Candy resources. Halloween is great fun in Tokyo, Japan.


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