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Saitama Sakura – Saitama may not be particularly well known for our cherry blossoms, but we still have plenty of places to enjoy cherry blossoms, cherry blossom festivals, events and Hanami. We also are home to one of Japan’s most famous cherry blossom trees.


We have a number of large and quality sakura / cherry blossom festivals in Saitama. Find a sakura or cherry blossom festival or event near you. There are locations all over Saitama. Some of the larger or more famous sakura matsuri (cherry blossom festival) are detailed in the events calendar of this blog… GO TO SAITAMA SAKURA EVENTS PAGE…


🌸Cherry Blossom Boat Ride

There are a few places you can enjoy a boat ride under sakura in Saitama. One of the most popular events in recent years is the boat ride on the Shingashi River.

Boat Ride on Shingashi River at back of Hikawa Shrine | KAWAGOE


🌸Horseback Archery through the Cherry Blossoms

Ranzan has a number of events on during the cherry blossom season. The horseback archery show back-dropped by stunning sakura is one of the more unique events during this season:

Cherry Blossom Festival, Horseback Archery and Fireworks | RANZAN

🌸Cherry Blossom Fireworks

Ranzan is also one of the few places you can enjoy fireworks at this time of the year.

🌸Cherry Blossom Light Up

All of these are linked to further information in English. Click on the link to be brought to more detailed information for the cherry blossom  light up events at these popular cherry blossom spots in Saitama.

Omiya Park
Honjo Wakaizumi Parks
Ishito Kabazakura
Iwatsuki Castle Ruins Park
Motoara River Sakura Namiki
100 Caves of Yoshimi
Satte Gongendo


Over 80 of Saitama sakura / cherry blossom spots, hanami and sakura / cherry blossom locations mapped:


Saitama Cherry Blossoms: most famous Spots | SAITAMA PREFECTURE



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