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Peter Rabbit lodgings during Golden Week trip | SHIZUOKA

A welcome sign in English "Welcome Friends Slowly Smiling"
A welcome sign in English “Welcome Friends Slowly Smiling”

For the last 7 years we’ve been going to a resort in Gotemba every Golden Week.  The resort has a choice of accommodation ranging from hotel rooms to self catering lodges. This year we stayed in the “slow house villa” area in a yurt or パオ (Pao) as they are called in Japanese.  The yurts in the complex are designed on a theme. Our room was one of the Peter Rabbit themed lodgings.

The Peter Rabbit influence may well have gone beyond the interior of the yurts, as the slow house villa area is reminiscent of a rabbit’s burrow. It was great fun for the kids to find their way around the maze like paths. Management makes good use out of the design too, laying out a scavenger hunt challenge of sorts for guests of the slow house villas. The kids followed clues to find letters which, when all were discovered, spelled out a word. On presenting the word to reception they got a prize of Peter Rabbit stickers. Another treat for guests of these particular lodgings is a fluffy bunny rabbit (soft toy) hidden in the room – if you find it, you get to bring it home. (You can also borrow teddy bears and soft toys from reception to keep in your room during your stay).

The view of the maze of Peter Rabbit lodgings taken from the Big Bang playground, with Mt Fuji in the background
The view of the burrow of Peter Rabbit lodgings, taken from the Big Bang playground, with Mt Fuji in the background

The yurt itself was also a great source of excitement for the kids. They aren’t the most practical, but between the Peter Rabbit paraphernalia and the spacious loft, it was a dream come true for the kids to stay there. They are also the lodgings closest to the big playground, which turned out very convenient for us. They have a hot spring in the villa area (one of many in the resort) and it is where the pet hotel is too. This is also the area with the resort’s badminton court, games room (billiards and table tennis), reception for some activities (such as fishing and segways) and where they have the magnificent night time water, illumination and projection mapping show.  The breakfast hall is a little bit far away, but it is a nice walk, with some great views of Mt Fuji.

While I enjoyed the novelty, I did think the room was quite dingy, dark and hard to regulate temperature. I did enjoy staying there and the kids certainly did, but once was enough for me. There are other accommodations within the resort that are more practical for big families and people with young children. My top two in the resort are the Blueberry Lodges and the Western/Eastern fusion room in the Tokinosumika hotel.  For anyone who is interested in more information about the resort it is linked below the photos from the playground.

The Resort

Information about accommodations and attractions: –
Shizuoka, Gotemba. Family resort with Accommodation, Hot springs, Dining, Shopping, Sports & Much much more

One of the hotels within the resort

Hotel Tokinosumika, Gotemba, Shizuoka

Lodges within the resort

Blueberry Lodge at Tokinosumika, Shizuoka (And Shaun the Sheep!)

Some of the attractions within the resort

Peter Rabbit Slow House Villa Tokinosumika



Preparing for baby number 4

Am I nesting? 
Most definitely. I didn’t recognise it on my other pregnancies, but there is no denying it is here and strong on this pregnancy.

What is nesting like?
Nesting can make you want to clean places you would never normally think to clean. What bewilders me it is often unrelated to the arrival of the baby.  For example, why I had the urge to clean under the door thresholds, behind the fridge and the inside of the washing machine is beyond me.  However, I did it and many other random places in the last few weeks.  I have also done a lot of cleaning and preparing for the baby itself, such as wash a feck load of baby clothes, blankets and other necessities. I even washed the buggies and steam cleaned them…

What am I doing differently than on my other 3 pregnancies?
Steam cleaning! I don’t think I steam cleaned the buggies or car seats for the other three. This time I find I am more efficient and also more aware of things I can have prepared to make things easier when #4 arrives. For example, I have already prepared well over 20 sets of baby underwear (that ties under the arms), placed into outerwear that also ties under the arms, so it will be easy to dress the baby after a code red nappy or bath!

Japanese style baby wear.  There are no seams on the inside and there are strings under the arms to tie, so you don't have to lift over the baby's head.
Japanese style baby wear. There are no seams on the inside and there are strings under the arms to tie, so you don’t have to lift over the baby’s head. This is a vest type one placed inside an outer type.

I am also indulging myself a lot more than I did on the other three.  It is important after all that Mama is well rested before going into labour!  Today, at my maternity hospital for a checkup, I once again availed of the free hand/arm massage service, and I treated myself to lunch with a cappuccino. The latter was free as I used one of the free drink coupons you get at each Mama / maternity / antenatal class.

Lunch at the cafe in my maternity hospital
Lunch at the cafe in my maternity hospital

Only a few weeks left until the baby arrives; I plan to make the most of it. I think the nesting will continue, but so will the indulgences. 🙂