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Isanuma Park Cherry blossom festival

Sakura Festival at Isanuma Park | KAWAGOE

Isanuma Park Cherry Blossom Festival – The cherry blossoms in Isanuma Park are stunning due to their maturity. Until recent years it was mainly locals that enjoyed hanami in this small park, but nowadays people come from far and wide. You are allowed to eat and drink in the park. They don’t have festival stalls though, except on the day […]

Must visit shop and foot spa cafe “Tsubaki No Kura” | KAWAGOE

Foot Spa Cafe in souvenir shop – Tsubaki no Kura is a Kura Dai-kukan (Traditional Japanese storehouse space) that has been transformed into a shop that sells Japanese condiments, souvenirs, textiles, sake, Power stones, shrine goods and has a FOOT SPA CAFE and displays art. It is one of my personal favourite spots in Kawagoe and always a stop off […]

Hatsuneya Garden Cafe【from Google Maps & City-Cost Reviews】 | KAWAGOE

Online Reviews of HATSUNEYA GARDEN CAFE written by yours truly! Sophisticated café suited to a date, a coffee with friends or some tranquil and relaxing alone time. Local Guide Review on Google Maps: ​https://goo.gl/maps/nV8biizLBeu And from City-Cost.com: Chic cafe: A bit of piece and quiet in bustling Kawagoe One hundred and fifty eight year old Hatsuneya Garden is best known to […]

The local guide to cafes in Kawagoe: Part ①

There is a huge choice of cafes in Kawagoe, too many for one article. Part 1 introduces THREE of my favourites, simply chosen for the first article as they are the ones I visited most recently. The featured photo with the parasols is the last entry; Tsubakiya. Each of these 3 cafes are mapped in a My Map at the bottom of the […]