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Iruma Nouryou Firework Festival | IRUMA

From the Iruma Tourist board site

Approximately 2000 fireworks are launched.

In the event of rain the fireworks will be postponed until Wednesday the 16th.

10 minute walk from Bushi station on the Seibu Line.

Saitama City Fireworks in Minami Urawa | SAITAMA CITY

Started in 1988 the Saitama City fireworks are launched in Omagi Park in Midori Ward on Mountain Day, August 11th from 7.30 pm. They launch mainly starmines, approximately 5,000 of them. The largest firework is a 2.5 shell which is about 7.5 cm in size and about 120 grams, it rises to about 80 metres.

Access from JR Minami Urawa Station, it takes about 20 minutes on foot. There is no parking at the park on the night of the fireworks.

Todabashi Fireworks (Itabashi Fireworks) | TODA

Image from the official website

Todabashi fireworks are one of the biggest in Saitama. What makes them particularly special is that they are run in conjunction with Itabashi fireworks which launch the same night on the far side of Arakawa River.

Approximately 12,000 fireworks are launched including starmines and shakudama. The displays are set to music. They normally have fireworks that explode into the face of a famous character. Last year, it was some Yokai Watch characters.

The fireworks are launched near Toda’s rowing race course with prime viewing along the riverside. You can walk from Toda Park station. The Itabashi Fireworks are held in conjunction with Todabashi. They estimate 52,000 spectators view on the Itabashi side and close to 50,000 on the Toda side. You can reserve a viewing spot at a price on the official website (grey details box below) or view for free from along the river or nearby viewing spots. There are about 80 festival stalls on the Todabashi side of Arakawa river.

Queries to  Todabashi Firework Committee at 048-431-0206

Time: 7 to 8.30 pm
Access: Approximately a 20 minute walk from Takasaki Line JR Toda Koen station

Cherry Blossom Festival in Arashiyama Valley | RANZAN

FIREWORKS on the 1st of April from 6.30 pm.


HORSEBACK ARCHERY on the 2nd of April from 1 pm. From 3 pm you can pay to ride a horse too.


All photos bar the ones in the Facebook link, are from the official website.

See map with further information in the grey “details” box below.


Fireworks and Festivals In Saitama August 6th 2016

This weekend we are once again spoiled for choice with the quantity and variety of festivals and fireworks being held in various locations in Saitama. Here is a small sample of the festivals and fireworks on offer on SATURDAY the 6th of August. We have everything from super size fireworks to smaller local affairs. From mammoth crowd-drawing festivals to traditional lower key ritual celebrations.  Wherever you go, do plan for crowds, heat and fun galore!

Todabashi Fireworks

Todabashi fireworks are one of the biggest in Saitama. Approximately 12,000 fireworks are launched including starmines and shakudama. The displays are set to music. They normally have fireworks that explode into the face of a famous character. Last year, it was some Yokai Watch characters. The fireworks are launched near Toda’s race course with prime viewing along the riverside. You can walk from Toda Park station. The Itabashi Fireworks are held in conjunction with Todabashi. They estimate 52,000 spectators view on the Itabashi side and 42,000 on the Toda side. You can reserve a viewing spot at a price on the official website (below).  Queries to  Todabashi Firework Committee at 048-431-0206

Time: 7 to 8.30 pm
Access: Approximately a 20 minute walk from Takasaki Line JR Toda Koen station
URL:  www.todabashi-hanabi.jp.

 Sayama City Irumagawa Tanabata Festival & Fireworks

From the official website http://www.city.sayama.saitama.jp/manabu/mainevent/tanabata/

Listed in the top 3 Tanabata (Star) festivals for the whole of Kanto, this two day festival draws approximately 130,000 people annually. The city displays 140 tanabata decorations such as streamers and other paper decorations. There are about 300 stalls at the festival offering food, drink or traditional games such as the beloved “fishing” game, where you get to keep any fish you catch with a small net.They will also have some fireworks on the night of the 6th.

Time: 11 am to 9.30 pm, fireworks from 7.30 pm
Access: Minutes walk from Seibu Shinjuku Line Sayama shi station
URL: http://www.city.sayama.saitama.jp/manabu/mainevent/tanabata/


Sai-ka-sai Festival and Fireworks (in Asaka)

From the official website: http://saikasai.com/

Due to all this festival has to offer, plus its proximity to Tokyo, as well as the central location near Asaka station, this 3 day festival is one of the biggest of Saitama summer festivals. It attracts about 650,000 people and it gets great reviews from local and regular attendees.  On the 2nd night, this year the 6th of August, about 9000 fireworks are launched from 19.15 and there are 300+ stalls offering festival  food and/or activities. They open a stadium before the fireworks so it is possible for everyone to get somewhere to sit and enjoy the show.

ime: The festival is from about noon and the fireworks from 19.15
Access: 5 minute walk from Tobu Tojo Line Asaka Station
URL: information in English at the official website: http://saikasai.com/wp-content/pdf/saikasai_en.pdf . Japanese information here: http://saikasai.com/


 Yorii Tamayodo Suitenguusai Fireworks and Festival

Behold the spectacular setting of lantern floats with the magnificent backdrop of fireworks in this traditional festival that attracts about 70,000 people. There are about 5000 fireworks launched including the Niagara type and starmines.  You can buy festival food and drinks as there are about 80 stalls in the main viewing area.  There is parking for up to 2000 cars, some of which is free, but you would want to arrive early to secure a place.  It can be quite muddy, so appropriate footwear is advised.

Time: 7 to 9 pm
Access: About a 15 minute walk from Hachiko Line Yorii Station, 5 kms from Hanazono Interchange
URL: http://yorii-kanko.jp/tamayodo.html

Seibu Yuenchi Fireworks and Festival

The Seibu Amusement park fireworks and special celebrations start this month of August. Most weekends you can enjoy a firework show as a paying customer of the amusement park. The beer garden is a popular spot for a good view. You can also see the fireworks from some nearby locations around the park! Although the shows are usually only 20 minutes each, they are very popular and the park can be very crowded during August.

Time: from approximately 7.45 pm
Access: 5 minute walk from Seibu Tamako Line Seibu Yuenchi Station and Seibu Line Seibuen Station.
URL: http://www.seibuen-yuuenchi.jp/


Soka Fireworks

Soka locals volunteer and band together to bring you this small, but popular fireworks in Soka Park. About 5000 fireworks, including starmines, are launched between 19.00 and 21.00. Last year about 80,000 people attended. Queries to the voluntary team at 048-922-0151.

Time: 7 pm to 9pm, Opening ceremony at 6 pm
Access: 30 minute walk from JR Koshigaya Laketown Station or take a bus from Tobu Line Matsubara Danchi station
URL:  http://www.city.soka.saitama.jp/cont/s1401/a16/PAGE000000000000030153.html

Menuma Festival in Kumagaya

This child friendly festival has lots of traditional activities and festival food for people of all ages. Last year, apart from music and performances there was a bazaar and Flea market as well as kid’s show and Jyankan competition.

Time: 1 pm to 9 pm
Access: Asahi bus from Kumagaya station, but there is also free parking for 50 cars
URL:  http://www.city.kumagaya.lg.jp/kanko/matsuri/menumamaturi.html

Hanno Fireworks

A small display of fireworks set to the background of trees. These fireworks are popular with local families. Last year about 5000 people spectated near the Iruma River.   Queries to Hanno’s Tourist Board at 042-974-7900.

Time: From about 7.30pm
Access: About a 15 minute walk from Hanno Station
URL: http://www.city.hanno.saitama.jp/0000001569.html

Furutonegawa Floating Lantern Festival

Between 200 and 300 floating lanterns are sent down Furutonegawa river, including Japan’s largest lantern, during this traditional festival in Sugito Town.  There are stage performances over the weekend. Last year the Hanabi were on the Saturday, please note this year they are on the Sunday.

Time: 6 to 9 pm on the Saturday
Access: 2 minute walk from the East exit of the Tobu Dobutsu Koen station
URL: http://www.town.sugito.lg.jp/doc_lib/1/15080/2016%E6%B5%81%E7%81%AF%E3%81%BE%E3%81%A4%E3%82%8A%E3%83%9D%E3%82%B9%E3%82%BF%E3%83%BC.pdf

Also near the Tobu Doubutsu Koen Station is

Fireworks Illusion

From the Tobu Zoo official website

This event will not be carried out in the event of rain. There will be 4 firework displays in total in the Tobu Zoo over the month of August. 2000 fireworks, including starmines and the niagra type, are launched There is usually about 10 festival stalls.

Time: from 7.30pm
Access: About a 10 minute walk from Tobu Skytree Line Tobu Doubutsu Kouen Station
URL: http://www.tobuzoo.com/event/details/1118/

Apart from the fireworks and festivals on Saturday the 7th, there are also a number of special events on in Saitama. One of our picks is the night zoo at Saitama Children’s Zoo which is only open for 6 nights in August. You can see the dates and more events on the insaitama calendar.

A preview of Festivals on Sunday the 7th…

Suneori Amagoi Rain praying (Dragon) Festival

From Saitama's official tourism website http://www.sainokuni-kanko.jp/eng/
From Saitama’s official tourism website http://www.sainokuni-kanko.jp/eng/

Please see full  information here:
Award Winning, Intangible Asset Suneori Amagoi Rain Praying Festival | TSURUGASHIMA

Tatara Festival and Fireworks | KAWAGUCHI
Information to follow

Fireworks and Festivals in Saitama July 30th 2016

Below is a list of the some of the larger, more famous or well attended festivals and fireworks that are scheduled for this Saturday, JULY 30TH. Each place is mapped on a Google Map at the bottom of the article.

Kawagoe Summer Festival

Only 30 minutes from Tokyo, the historic town of Kawagoe is a popular place to experience a typical Japanese summer festival. The festival is celebrated each year on the last Saturday and Sunday of July.  The festival includes parades, processions, portable shrines, music and dance. There are also many festival stalls with traditional Japanese festival games or selling festival food.

Time: from 2pm on Saturday
Contact: Kawagoe City Tourist Information Office 049-222-5556
Location: Spreads from around Hon Kawagoe Station to the main tourist area by the Bell Tower.
Access: Hon Kawagoe Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line. Approximately a 8 minute walk from Kawagoe station on the JR Kawagoe and Tobu Tojo Lines.

Ageo Fireworks

The 18th Ageo fireworks display
Image from Ageo City official website

Ageo fireworks are one of the 10 largest firework displays in Saitama. Approximately 10,000  fireworks will be launched, including “shakudama” 尺玉 which are the largest sized shells. There are starmines as well as fireworks with celebratory messages for birthdays, marriage and good results in tests. These fireworks attract about 160,000 spectators. There are about 50 festival stalls. The fireworks are launched near Riverside Phoenix Golf course, which is a 15 minute bus ride from JR Takasaki Line, Ageo Station. Queries to Ageo Tourist Board at 048-775-5917.  You can also view the fireworks from Maruyama Park and Enomoto Farm. The farm usually closes at 5pm, but stays open until 9pm on the day of the fireworks. Parking is free at Enomoto Farm.

Time: from 7pm
Contact: 048-775-5917
Location: Riverside Phoenix Golf course
Access: Bus from JR Takasaki Line, Ageo Station

Koshigaya Fireworks

July 30th

Koshigaya fireworks are another of the larger firework displays held in Saitama. They attract a huge crowd of about 250,000 people. They have been running for 28 years. Approximately 5000 fireworks will be launched, weather permitting, between, roughly, 19.00 and 20.50.  The viewing site is about a 6 minute walk from the east exit of Koshigaya station.  There is no parking. The Koshigaya station is crazily crowded after the fireworks finished. You may have to wait a long time to get on a train. The last train toward Asakusa station is at 23.52 and toward Tobu Zoo  is 20 past midnight.  If you can walk to either Kita Koshigaya or Shin Koshigaya station, you will have a better chance of getting a train out before last train . Queries to Koshigaya Tourist Board: 048-971-9002 or http://www.koshigaya-sightseeing.jp/  You can also view these fireworks from Higashi Koshigaya Dai Ichi Park.

Time: from 7pm
Contact: Koshigaya Tourist Board 048-971-9002
Location: Chuo civic center east side Embankment in Kasai Irrigation Channel
Access: East Entrance Koshigaya Station, Tobu Skytree Line


Saitama City Fireworks

From the official Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau http://www.stib.jp/event/data/oowadahanabi.html

NTT television organise these popular fireworks held annually on July 30th in Owada park in Saitama. The park itself is a 15 minute walk from Omiya Park station on the Tobu Urban Park line. People arrive early to secure a good viewing location.  5,000 fireworks will be launched around 7.30 pm. Displays include starmines and rapid succession type fireworks. Queries to 0180-99-3144. You can also reserve a space for a leisure sheet through that number. It’s 3500 yen for a double sheet, 5000 yen for a family size sheet.

Time: from 7.30pm
Contact: NTT 0180-99-3144
Location: Owada Park, Saitama City.
Access: Omiya Park Station, Tobu Urban Park Line

Summer Festa at Kitamoto

From the official website

This local festival has been growing year on year. This year they will have taiko drum performances, traditional Japanese dance, festival booths, parades, kids dance, live music and more.    http://www.city.kitamoto.saitama.jp/kanko/oshirase/1464744695186.html

Time: 3.30 pm to 9 pm
Contact: Kitamoto Commercial Association 048-591-4461
Location: East side of Kitamoto Station
Access: Kitamoto Station on the Takasaki Line

Wherever you end up this Saturday, have a great time!


To the best of my knowledge this information was accurate at time of research. With all fireworks and festivals (events in general) information is subject to change due to weather and/or mitigating factors. 


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Santa’s Grotto|Toyosu Seaside Christmas



At the entrance to the Urban Dock Lalaport, Toyosu, there is a great photo spot free to use. It includes a back-drop of Santa’s grotto and an artificial Santa beside whom you can get a photo.  Every night from 4pm to midnight the “Santa Claus Hiroba” is lit up, as are other parts of Lalaport and the dock area. Within Lalaport there are all sorts of Christmas offers, workshops and special events, including many centred around the very popular animation “Yokai Watch”.

One of their popular free events is a live concert event with fireworks to the backdrop of the seaside illumination. This year, 2015, it is taking place on Sunday the 13th of December from 7pm around the Seaside Deck Area. More information on the big event on December 13th can be found here: http://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000085.000001771.html

From the English version of their website:

Located 10 minutes by train and on foot from Ginza, it can be accessed from the Yurakucho Line Toyosu Station and the Yurikamome Line Toyosu Station.
The site is next to Tokyo Bay, making it possible to access the mall from Asakusa and Odaiba via a water-bus. The location of the shopping mall is excellent, even providing a view of Rainbow Bridge.
The wide variety of shops (180 in total) includes everything from Uniqlo and other casual fashion shops to the 100-yen shop The Daiso. When the weather is clear, you can even sit on the terrace and have a relaxing meal while gazing over the ocean.

You can find information for all Christmas events, for all Lalaports, on their website here: ららぽーと|LaLaport Xmas.

Even more Christmas events on this blog:


Annual Kõnosu Fireworks

The Kõnosu Fireworks have created a place for themselves, as one of the larger and more exciting firework displays in the Greater Tokyo Area. They are quite new in the greater scheme of things, this year marking the 14th time they are being held. However, they really made their mark last year, when they set a new world record of the heaviest firework / largest aerial firework shell ever to be launched successfully.

Spectators of last year’s, 2014, fireworks were treated to the record-breaking finale of the 15,000 fireworks display. They ended the show with an approximately 464 kilograms firework that exploded into a 800 metre ball of light.  This year they are also planning on launching 15,000 fireworks and it is estimated that 500,000 people will venture to Konosu to enjoy this year’s show. There are stalls and booths selling food and drink at allocated areas near the launch site. The fireworks start from 18.00, but people arrive much earlier than that to secure a spot to sit, with blue sheets and/or picnic blankets. You can pay to book a seating area in advance, with great views and allocated space. More information is available on their website, but in Japanese only.

Taken from the official website: http://kounosuhanabi.com/
Taken from the official website: http://kounosuhanabi.com/

By train, access is from Konosu station 鴻巣駅 on the JR Takasaki line JR高崎線.  There are signs and wardens directing people in the right direction, from the station. The main viewing area is 30 minutes walk from the station. For car users, the address is 1073-1 Nukata. It is about 14 kilometres from the Higashimatsuyama Interchange on the Kanetsu expressway. There is paid parking for up to 2,000 cars.  It costs 1,000 yen.  There is a great viewing spot, that most people still don’t know about, from Yoshimi Undo Park.  As it’s still not that well known, it is easy and free to park there. In the event of rain the fireworks the date maybe changed or cancelled. Information will be on their website. The website is (Japanese only): http://kounosuhanabi.com/ The phone number is: 048-543-1634

Konosu is known within Saitama for many different things, but its nationwide claim to fame is its “Hina Matsuri”, Dolls festival, display. http://insaitama.com/konosu-bikkuri-hina-matsuri-surprising-doll-festival/