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Grape Picking at Chichibu Fruits Farm | CHICHIBU

30 minute all-you-can-eat system. Mainly Kyoho grapes available for picking. You can also have a BBQ on this farm. The grilled BBQ with grape picking set is very popular. Buggy, stroller and wheelchair friendly. Pets ok. They have toilets on site.



I AM SO HAPPY TO REPORT THAT ALL OF THE COUPONS AND VOUCHERS LISTED BELOW HAVE FOUND HOMES!!!! I do still have a few that weren’t on this list or multiples of ones that were on it, please PM me if you would like to request for any play area in Gunma. If I have a coupon for the place you are going, I will be happy to pass it on.
For regular readers, friends or passersby; I have a huge amount of discounts, vouchers and coupons for snow resorts, restaurants, onsen and play areas all over the Greater Tokyo area and further afield. I am going to list as many as I can over the coming days. This list is for GUNMA and for 2016 only. If you want to claim one of these offers, I can chakubarai it /them to your home, if you have an address in Japan. These discounts cannot be sent to an address outside of Japan OR to a hotel. Generally, each discount covers up to 5 people, but on the same day; coupons/vouchers are not reusable. All you need to do is comment below, and I will PM you to arrange post. You can comment as anonymous, if you please. Even if you use your name, your email address will remain private and will not be shown. The featured photo is of the cow of Kuwaya, which is one of the many places with a generous discount.

Toys kingdom
Toy’s Kingdom Karuizawa


  1. Numata area. Tanbara Ski Park. 500 yen off adult, 100 yen off child’s and 300 yen off senior’s lift pass with meal voucher. Two vouchers valid for up to 4 people. Valid until May 8th. (Ref A561 + A118)
  2. Minakami area. Ooana Ski Slope. 500 yen off 1 day adult lift pass for up to 5 people. Valid until March 21st. (Ref A568)  TAKEN
  3. Minakami area. Minakami Kogen + Okutone onsen – 1,400 yen off adults’s, 800 yen off kid’s day return pack (lift, lunch, onsen). Valid for one group of people. Valid until April 2nd. (Ref A568*) TAKEN. They also have a special family pack coupon on their website.  
  4. Minakami area. Okutone Snow Park – 4000 yen pack includes one day lift pass, meal voucher and soft drink. Saving of 1,250 per person. It can be used for upto 5 people. (Ref A137) TAKEN
  5. Minakami area. Norun Minakami Ski Slope – 1000 yen off adult’s pack, 800 yen off kid’s pack; lift, meal and other vouchers. It can be used for upto 4 people. (Ref A136) TAKEN
  6. Katashina area. Katashina Kogen Ski Slope – 500 off adult’s, kids and preschoolers lift pass for upto 5 people. Valid unitl April 3rd. (Ref A568) They also have a family set on their website.
  7. Tsumagoi area. Kazawa Snow Area – 200 yen off weekday price, 500 yen off weekend price,  for up to 5 people. valid until March 31st. (Ref A576)


  8. Karuizawa Toy’s Kingdom – 2 x coupons for 100 yen off for entry ticket for upto 5 people valid until March 28th. I also have multiple 100 yen off entry coupons, plus 500 yen off the “free pass” for adults, 200 yen off entry, 600 yen off “free pass” for kids for as many as is in your group . (Ref B1) On this blog: http://insaitama.com/toys-kingdom-karuizawa-english/
  9. Shibukawa Skyland Park – 100 yen off a one day pass for 5 people together. Valid until year end. (Ref B165)
  10. Usui Touge Tetsudo Bunka Mura – 10% off entry for upto 5 people. Valid until year end (Ref B165)
    Poppo Town
    Poppo Town Usui Touge Tetsudo Mura


  11. Numata area. Kajitsu no Sato – 10% off entry for 2 people until end of year. (B1107). 10% off fruit picking, plus free sweets and drink. One voucher covers upto 5 people. Valid until 29th of February. (Ref A536)
  12. Numata area. Cherry picking Outou farm – 10% farm entry for upto 4 people. Valid until end of year.
  13. Numata area. Cherry garden Fujii – 100 yen off for one group. Valid until end of year.
  14. Numata area. Kurashina Fruit farm – 100 yen off for 2 people. Valid until end of year.
  15. Minakami area. Tsukiyono maruka Cherry Farm -300 yen off for one group. Valid until end of year. TAKEN
  16. Minakami area. Takumi no sato Fureai Farm – 10% off farm entry for upto 5 people. Valid until end of year. TAKEN

    ZOO / FARM

  17. Ikaho area. 100 yen off entry to Iakaho Green Farm for upto 5 people. Valid until 29th of February. (Ref A5100) **Please note that this farm is closed Monday to Thursday during winter. Thank you SS. 🙂
  18. Kouekizaidanhoujin Kouzu Farm – voucher for a free cup of milk for upto 4 people! Valid until end of year. (Ref B155)
  19. Kusatsunettaiken – 100 yen off entry for upto 5 people. Valid until the end of year. (Ref B158)

    ONSEN (Hot springs)

  20. Minakami area. Takaragawa Onsen – 300 yen off adult price, 200 yen off kids price. Two One vouchers, each covers upto 5 people. Valid until March 31st (Ref A534) and 29th of February (Ref B2). ONE REMAINING
  21. Takasaki Kyogashima Natural Hot spring – half price for adults. One coupon covers 6 people. Valid until 29th of February.
  22. Katashina area. White World Oze Iwakura – 200 yen off adult onsen price, 100 yen off kid’s price for up to 5 people. Valid until 10th of April. (Ref A567)
  23. Manza Onsen Hotel – 300 yen off adults, 150 yen off children’s hot spring. Valid until February 29th. For upto 5 people.
  24. Kusatsu Pool and Hotspring Hotel – half price on weekdays for adults. (Ref B2)


  25. Minakami Area. Voucher for a present of a rusk from Garba Baum Kuchen for purchases offer 1,000 yen. Valid until 31st of January. (Ref A5120) TAKEN
  26. Minakami Area. 10% of your bill at Kuwaya Cafe (pictured below and in the featured picture) for upto 5 people. Valid until January 31st. (Ref A5121) TAKEN

Kuwaya 1

Playground at Ichigo no Sato | Yoshimi

Ichigo no Sato is a “roadside station” in the prefecture of Saitama, North west of Tokyo. A roadside station is a type of rest and service area with a large parking area.

There are toilets and benches as well as a gift shop, a vegetable shop, a farmer’s market, a shop selling rice, a strawberry greenhouse, an udon restaurant and a coffee shop with rest area. There are also some eateries in log cabins along one walkway.  One of the popular products on sale is “Ichigo Nama Dorayaki”, which is like a type of strawberry filled pancake. There is an information stand with information for Yoshimi in the building behind the ice-cream van, it also provides a list of all strawberry picking greenhouses in the area. We go for the playground and the ice-cream!


Update November 2016

The roadside station has added some really fun and colourful equipment to the playground this year.


Address: 1737 Kubota, Yoshimi, Saitama 355-0137

Phone: 0493-53-1530

Access: 7 kilometres from Kanetsu Expressway’s Higashimatsuyama Interchange.

Hours: Playground is open all year round, but shops are open 9 am to 5 pm, restaurants are open 11 am to 3 pm on weekdays and until 4 pm on weekends.

Other attractions in Yoshimi

Very near to this playground is a strawberry picking area:

Strawberry Picking in Yoshimi, Saitama

Other attractions a short drive away:

A park with 2 playgrounds

Yoshimi Town Friendship Athletic Ground

100 Caves of Yoshimi

100 Caves of Yoshimi, Saitama

Iwamuro Kannon

Iwamuro Kannon | YOSHIMI


Saitama Fruit. Grape picking in Sayama

Sayama Grape season starts next week opens this week (August 7th 2016), through to the middle of September. However, you can currently only buy directly from the vineyards and the picking season is a few weeks away yet.

Grape Picking Season General Information

Updated costs for 2016 are not yet available.

Adults: 600 yen

Primary school children: 500 yen

Kindergarten school children: 400 yen

Toddlers: 200 yen

It is a eat as you pick system, but you can pay extra to buy the grapes you pick to bring them home

There are five vineyards in Sayama that I am aware of, all in the vicinity of the Iriso station in Sayama, three of them are outlined below.

宮岡ぶどう園, Miyaoka Vineyard

Address: 1058 North Iriso, Phone: 04-2959-4949 URL: http://www.at-ml.jp/?in=59281/

Opening: 2016 August 7th until early October Hours: 9am to 6pm Closed Wednesdays

Access: 10 minute walk from the East exit of Iriso station on the Seibu Line


宮信観光ぶどう園, Miyashin Vineyard


Telephone: 04-2959-4059, Website: http://www.miyashin.com/ (Japanese only)

Open:  You can buy from August 11th (2016), but picking season isn’t until September 1st. Closes on Mondays  Hours: 9am – 6pm, picking until 5pm

Access:  15 minute walk from Musashi Fujisawa Station on the Seibu Line, 18 minute walk from the West exit of Iriso station

This farm also offers Kiwi Fruit Picking.  2016 the season will start the same as the regular grapes on August 11th. You can pick large type grapes from September 1st.

宮俊ぶどう園, Miyatoshi Vineyard

Telephone: 04-2959-3651, Websitehttp://ktmhp.com/hp/budouen/1  (Japanese only)

Open:  2016 August 10th  Hours: 9am – 5pm

Access:  13 minute walk from Iriso station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line