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Grape Picking at Tokorozawa Vineyard | TOKOROZAWA

Grape picking season at Tokorozawa Vineyard for 2018 has opened. The picking season is expected to last until mid September. Due to its frequent appearance on television and in travel books, the Tokorozawa vineyard is a popular destination for people on a fruit picking day trip from not only Saitama, but neighboring prefectures including Tokyo. During picking season the vineyard […]

Grape Picking at Chichibu Fruits Farm | CHICHIBU

Things are a little different at Chichibu Fruits Farm this year, and indeed many fruit picking farms, due to the high levels of precipitation this summer. Please do ring the farm in advance to make sure it is ok to pick on the day you want to go. 30 minute all-you-can-eat system. Currently at weekends only. Mainly Kyoho grapes available […]

Grape Picking Kojima Vineyard | SAKADO

End of August to End of September. You can’t eat on site, you need to pick the grapes and bring them home. 1kg 864 yen. No need for reservation. 049-281-7268. Buggies, wheelchairs, pets ok. BYO bento fine too. http://www010.upp.so-net.ne.jp/kojima/pctop.htm