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Exotic Halloween @ Seibuen Yuenchi | TOKOROZAWA

Come in costume! Fantastic line up for this year’s Halloween party at Seibu Amusement Park. The party starts from 6 pm, but they have other events before that. On the 30th only, they have Halloween face painting.

16.45 Halloween Parade

17.15 “Open Sea” projection mapping illumination show

18.00 Halloween Party Starts

18.15 Street performers

19.00 Halloween Fireworks

19.15 Magic Show

20.00 End

They have a number of Halloween play areas on site, they are also selling Halloween snacks.

The opening hours for the illumination show and  night version of the amusement park are 4 pm to 9 pm on Sunday 30th of October. The cost for entry to the illumination is 1200 yen for adults and 600 yen for children over 3 years old.  If you would like to also go on some rides and enjoy the amusement park the entry is 1800 yen for adults and 1200 yen for children over 3.

More on their hours and prices in Japanese here:

Address: 2964 Yamaguchi, Tokorozawa, Saitama
Phone: 04-2922-1371
URL: http://www.seibuen-yuuenchi.jp/

Access:  Train: Minutes walk from Seibu Yuuenchi station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.  Car: 10 kilometres from the Iruma Interchange of the Ken-o highway.

Halloween 2016 Event Round Up | CHIBA

GET READY!! Halloween is just around the corner and like last year insaitama.com will bring you a complete round up of all Halloween events in the KANTO area. For now, to get you in the mood and excited for Halloween, here are some of the events already planned for Halloween 2016 in Chiba.


Halloween at the Disney Resort

From the official Tokyo Disney Resort Homepage
From the official Tokyo Disney Resort Homepage

Would you believe information for Disney’s Halloween has been available since the middle of July? They are into Halloween just about as much as I am! This year’s Disney LAND parade has been named Halloween Pop’n live and they will also have the usual Halloween decorations, haunted house and special merchandise and Halloween themed food. In Disney Sea you can enjoy The Villain’s World: Wishes and Desires.

PERIOD: September 9th until October 31st.

For more information in English on Halloween in Disneyland:
And for Disney Sea:

Ikspiari Halloween Town

From the official Ikspiari website
From the official Ikspiari website

Ikspiari is a shopping mall beside Tokyo Disney Resort. More information in English available here (linked: Japan Guide). In line with Disney’s Halloween events, Ikspiari also officially opens their Halloween Season on September 9th. The mall will be transformed to a halloween town and they hold a number of events. This year the have themed their town around pumpkins.  They will have some pumpkin games, such as a pumpkin basketball hoop challenge.

PERIOD: September 9th until October 31st.

Please see their website for up-to-date information:

Halloween Town in Choshi

Each year Choshi transforms into a halloween town.  Volunteers, city officials and residents band together to create a fun halloween environment for children, with dress up, individual events, costume competitions and trick or treat.

PERIOD: October 23rd to October 30th.

The official website is: http://halloweentowninchoshi.jimdo.com/

Narita Yume Farm

For the month of October, Narita Yume Farm, entices customers with many special seasonal events, including their Halloween celebrations. There are incentives for coming in fancy dress, with points rewarded for each piece of costume. On different dates they have various activities. Last year, between October 1st and 31st you could enter a “guess the weight of the pumpkin” competition.  There is currently no information on whether that event is being held again this year, but they have scheduled in Halloween Lantern making on October 22nd, Halloween Camp and find the ghost activities on the 29th and 30th . The farm has many other events, attractions as well as a BBQ and camping area.

PERIOD: Month of October

They have a detailed website in English; http://www.yumebokujo.com/en/

Yukari Festa

For the last 20 years Yukarigaoka have been celebrating Halloween. The town gets into Halloween mode from the week before Halloween night and they carve pumpkins in the lead up and display for all to enjoy. They also have a fancy dress and costume competition each year. They have not updated for 2016 yet, but the information should be coming shortly.

PERIOD: Roughly October 24th to 31st

City Website: http://town.yukarigaoka.jp/ or inquire to 043-463-0784.

More Halloween events for the KANTO area for 2016 will be added to this not-for-profit blog over the coming weeks. Last year’s full round-up is pasted below.




2015 Halloween Round Up

Halloween costume contest with prizes, in Kitamoto

The Kitamoto Higashi Chuo Stores and Commerce and industry associations bring you an Halloween costume contest with a top prize worth winning; 2 tickets to a theme park in Uruyasu (Disney I would guess). The runner up prize is equally tantalising; a 10,000 yen voucher for JTB. Contest entry is free, but limited to the 1st one hundred entries.

Apart from the contest there is parade and trick or treating. All takes place just outside the east side of Kitamoto station along the main thoroughfare. It starts at 10am and will finish around 3pm. It sounds like a fun day out for a family.

The phone number for queries about the contest, Japanese only, is 048-593-7576.  More information is on a tourist page for Kitamoto, in Japanese: http://www.city.kitamoto.saitama.jp/kanko/oshirase/1433238745160.html


Source: 100円商店街(ハロウィン仮装コンテスト&ハロウィンアート作品展示)/北本市

Shinrin Park’s winter illumination

Every year, Shinrin park in Namegawa Town, Saitama, offer night illumination in the central gate area of the park.

This year, 2015, Saturday 24th saw the start of this year’s night illumination , called “The Story of the Forest and Lights“. From the 24th to the 31st there is a special Halloween treat, with ghosts and pumpkins displayed in the trees on the walk to the Botanical Garden centre. If you arrive in a really good costume, they will gift you original goods. There is a stamp rally for kids. The Botanical Garden Centre is where the main illumination can be enjoyed. The hours for this week are 5pm to 8.30pm. The rest of the park closes as normal, so you have to make your way down to the central area before 5pm. All of the car parks except for the one directly beside the central gate close at their usual time, please take this into consideration when parking. If you do park at another gate, you must get a “re-entry ticket” 再入園券 as you are leaving so that you won’t be charged for parking again.

After Halloween, the focus is on “Kouyou” 紅葉, the changing of the Autumn leaves colour. The extended hours of Shinrin Park central gate for the month of November are 4.30pm to 8.30pm. However, you can not enter the park after 8pm. The Starlight Christmas display starts from December 12th and ends on the 27th. The hours for that period are 4pm to 8pm.

Shinrin Park is a national government park. You can find up-to-date information in English about their hours and charges on their english webpage: http://www.shinrinkoen.jp/english/

Phone number: 0493-57-2111

Address: 1920 Yamada, Namegawa Town, Hiki District, Saitama

BONUS INFORMATION: Shinrin park is free in on November 1st. 🙂

More on Shinrin park on this blog:

Source: イベント情報 | 国営武蔵丘陵森林公園

Halloween Festival with Gourmet Fair, Guts Saitama 2015

On the 17th of October there is a Halloween Festival and Gourmet Fair being held in the Saitama Super Arena from 10am to 9pm.

There are special events including a fancy dress competition. You need to be in full costume  to enter the competition, just make up and/or a witches hat will not suffice. Registration is on the day, between 11am and 1pm.

The performances include many dance performances in the morning. The costume contest and cosplay show happens mid afternoon from about 3pm. That is followed by some more performances and music.

There is food and service booths as well as a designated kids space.

Layout and line up of the Halloween Festival with Gourmet Fair at Saitama Super Arena this weekend.


Saitama Super Arena is a 2 minute walk from JR Saitama shintoshin Station, about a 7 minute walk from JR Kitayono Station and there is parking available.  The car park costs 400 円 for the first hour and 200 円 for every subsequent hour.

Saitama Super Arena website: http://www.saitama-arena.co.jp/
Event webpage: http://guts-minuma.net/

Halloween Event in Ageo this weekend

A new Halloween event in Ageo. The Ageo mascots Ari-kun and Rio-chan will dress up in costume and put on an Halloween performance. Come in fancy dress and parade with them. There are three parades on the day; midday, 2pm and 4pm. Ario events tend to draw crowds, so arrive early to avoid disappoint. The gathering point is at the outdoor event stage, out the side of the Homac Store. There will be spot giveaways of sweets to 20 lucky participants.

Added to the master list of Halloween events in the Greater Tokyo Area 2015.

#saitamawithkids, #thisweekendinsaitama

Kanto Area Halloween 2015 Event Round Up

When I first came to Japan in 2000, the only place we could find that celebrated Halloween, was Tokyo Disney Resort. It turns out that there was a parade in Harajuku – Omotesando, but we didn’t know about it! You can find out more about that parade, the longest running one in Japan with a 33 year history, in this article. Things have changed a lot though in just 15 years, especially in the last 5, with many more Halloween events and celebrations taking place throughout the Greater Tokyo Area. However, events in Saitama, where I live, are still quite scarce!! If you know of any, please do share in the comments.


Disney’s Halloween

From the official Disney Resort Website

Disney certainly knows how to do Halloween. Disney character Halloween goods have been on the shelves a week already and  this Tuesday the 8th of September sees the opening of the official special event “Disney’s Halloween”. Disney’s Halloween runs until November 1st.  There is a great blog (linked: TDR Explorer) in English with further details of all that Disney has to offer at Halloween.  The official Disney Resort website in English is: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/

Ikspiari Halloween Town

Ikspiari is a shopping mall beside Tokyo Disney Resort. More information in English available here (linked: Japan Guide). In line with Disney’s Halloween events, Ikspiari also officially opens their Halloween Season on September 8th. The mall will be transformed to a halloween town and they hold a number of events. The first of which, “Ghost Hunt Tour” is being held next Friday, the 11th and on a number of dates after that. Please see their website for up-to-date information: http://www.ikspiari.com/ent/event/halloween2015/index.html

Halloween Town in Choshi

From the official Halloween Town in Choshi website: http://halloweentowninchoshi.jimdo.com/

From October 25th to 31st Choshi transforms into a halloween town.  Volunteers, city officials and residents band together to create a fun halloween environment for children, with dress up, individual events, costume competitions and trick or treat. The official website is: http://halloweentowninchoshi.jimdo.com/

Narita Yume Farm

For the month of October, Narita Yume Farm, entices customers with many special seasonal events, including their Halloween celebrations. There are incentives for coming in fancy dress, with points rewarded for each piece of costume. On different dates they have Halloween hunts, such as find the hidden ghosts. You can find many halloween decorations and sometimes see the cows in costume!  Between October 1st and 31st you can enter a “guess the weight of the pumpkin” competition.  The farm has many other events, attractions as well as a BBQ and camping area. They have a detailed website in English; http://www.yumebokujo.com/en/

Yukari Festa

The Yukari Festa in Yukarigaoka on October 25th features a pumpkin lantern competition. The town gets into Halloween mode from the week before and they carve pumpkins the night before and display for all to enjoy. They also have a fancy dress and costume competition on the day. You can see the event line up and more details on their website (Japanese only) http://town.yukarigaoka.jp/yukarifesta/ or inquire to 043-463-0784.


Tokyo Skytree Town

The official Halloween period for Tokyo Skytree Town has been set for between September 18th and October 31st.  Last year, the tower itself had a number of Jack-O-Lanterns lit up and on display and it is rumoured they will do the same again this year.  They have confirmed they will have a number of seasonal cakes and sweets available for the month of October. They will host three “Halloween family parades” , but there is a limit to the number of participants. The dates for the parades are October 24th, 25th and 31st. If a child in costume says “Trick or Treat” to a staff member on these 3 days, they will receive a sticker. They also have face painting on these days. They are planning to have some Halloween photo sets for taking fun photos.  During October, every Friday and Saturday evening they have 4 ten minute dance performancesWitches Magical SKYTREE Night“.  On the Saturdays during Halloween period they will have a Halloween dance for kids on the 4th floor, Sky Arena.  For a full list and further details on all they have to offer, please visit their website at: http://tokyo-skytreetown.jp/

Halloween Pumpkin Parade

The date for the Harajuku – Omotesando annual Halloween Pumpkin parade, the longest running in Japan, has been set for October 25th.  This parade is for children under 12 years of age. Over a 1,000 children parade the 1 kilometre thoroughfare.   There are a number of events held in conjunction with the parade, including some free ware, especially in Omotesando Hills. The parade is not carried out in the event of rain. More details have been added to their official blog will be added to their official blog over the coming days:   http://www.harajuku-halloween.com/

Enjoy Halloween at Grandberry Mall

Grandberry mall in Minami Machida has an “Enjoy Halloween” event with Halloween decorations and a mascot they created “The Pumpkin Tricky”. It is supposed to be opening officially on September 11th, but currently there is nothing on their website and I was unable to confirm more details.  I will update here when more information becomes available. This year’s decoration theme is Jazz Party. At night the decorations are lit up until 10pm. On September 23rd, October 3rd, 11th, 17th and 31st Tricky will do a meet and greet at various times during the day. They will have different Halloween craft workshops during October. From October 1st to 24th they are giving away Halloween face masks to customers who spend over 10,000 yen in the mall. Even more events can be found on their official (updated) site: http://grandberrymall.com/web/special/15halloween/

Shimokita Halloween

On October 25th in Shimokitazawa there will be a costume contest, music and dance performances to celebrate Halloween. There is nothing on their website yet, but I have it in good faith that they will add information closer to the time: Information has not yet been added http://yokukita-shimokita.com/event

Roppongi Hills Halloween 2015

On Halloween itself, October 31st, Roppongi Hills will host it’s annual Halloween parade. They also have nothing on their website, but they have confirmed they will: Information has been added http://roppongihills.com/

Halloween Party in Shinkiba

From http://www.yumenoshima.jp/ website

From September 23rd to October 31st large-sized pumpkins are displayed as per photo from their website: http://www.yumenoshima.jp/

Fun! Fun! Sunshine City Halloween

From the 18th of September the mall will start to run some events, including their main event “Trick or Treat” for children under 7. There is a 200 yen charge. They will also run Halloween Paper craft workshops. There will be a number of photo spots in the mall too. Within the mall there are a number of shops celebrating Halloween, including the aquarium which is detailed below. Nanja Town has a Halloween line up as well. The main Halloween website is: http://www.sunshinecity.co.jp/campaign/cp/2015halloween/

Halloween Party 2015 ~”umiHallo

From September 18th you can enjoy a unique Halloween celebration in Sunshine City Aquarium in Ikebukuro. They hold Halloween versions of their usual shows and performances and the aquarium is decorated for Halloween, including Jack-O-Lanterns in the tanks.  The website is: http://www.sunshinecity.co.jp/event/e969.html.

Halloween in Tama Centre 2015

From the official halloween website for Tama Centre

Jack of lanterns decorate the station front and many events are held during the 2 day celebration, on October 24th and 25th . There hold an opening ceremony the night before. The website is currently being updated, but it’s a fun website to visit and you can get more information as it is released: http://www.tamajack.com/index.html

MagFesta 2015 ~Halloween~

On October 31st and November 1st this manga, anime and game festival will hold a halloween parade and stage events in the Nakano area.  The official website is: http://www.magfesta.jp/

Halloween Carnival 2015

*Please note this one requires booking*.  Wild Magic the Third Park is a BBQ, Studio, event and cafe space in Koto Ward. This year they are holding a number of halloween events during the month of October, including “Trick or Treat” on the 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th and 31st.  Please see their website for more events and details: http://the-third-park.com/2015/09/3391/

Puro Halloween 2015

From the official website: http://www.puroland.jp/2015_halloween/
From the official website: http://www.puroland.jp/2015_halloween/

Sanrio Puroland kicked off it’s 2015 Halloween yesterday, the 4th of September. There are many events running including a marching parade. The English site is here http://en.puroland.jp/ , but they list the events in Japanese only.

TMG Annual Halloween Picnic

The Tokyo Mother’s Group (TMG) welcomes all families to enjoy their annual trick or treating and picnic event in the park. Most come in fancy dress or some sort of Halloween costume.  The park is Shinjuku Gyoen, centrally located and easy to access from many parks of Tokyo and Kanto.  You can keep up-to-date on event details on the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/676780945756877/

More about Tokyo Mother’s Group here:

TIPP Halloween Party 2015

The Tokyo International Parents and Pals (TIPP) community have an established Halloween party with a great line-up. The best dressed awards encourage attendees to put some thought and effort into their costumes. They have lots of fun and activities on the day, at Shiokaze Park in Minato Ward. You can see more details on their designated Facebook page (and if nothing else you have to check out the photo of the Edward Scissorhands costume!): https://www.facebook.com/events/517017795114347/

Brick or Treat

Legoland Discovery Centre in Daiba Decks has an Halloween lego display for the month of October.  They are offering a 400 yen discount or present for children who come in costume. Their workshops will include how to make a lego ghost. There is a Halloween hunt in Miniland – find the monster mini figures. There Halloween information can be found on a dedicated Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LEGOLANDDiscoveryCenterTokyo?fref=nf


Kawasaki Halloween 2015

The event period is October 17th to 31st during which time there will be a parade. The annual parade is one of Japan’s most famous and long running celebrations. It attracts hundreds of participants each year and many unique costumes. You can view some photos from the 2008 parade on this blog here. Official website: http://lacittadella.co.jp/halloween/

Yokohama Anpanman Children’s museum and mall

From the official website: http://www.yokohama-anpanman.jp/event/2015/09/index.html
From the official website: http://www.yokohama-anpanman.jp/event/2015/09/index.html

This is only the 3rd year of Halloween being celebrated at Anpanman, but they’re taking it up a notch supposedly. The Halloween events kick off on Saturday September 19th with 2 afternoon showings of “Let’s dance with Baikinman, Halloween Mini Stage”.  They will also have “Halloween Walking” and a workshop with Halloween crafts between the 19th and October 31st. More information on the full list of Halloween events (Japanese only) here: http://www.yokohama-anpanman.jp/info/2015/09/post-1144.html

Yamate SeiYoukan Halloween Walk 2015

On October 25th there is a dress up and stamp rally event and I believe there will be face painting. Information will be updated as it is received. The official website of Yamate Seiyoukan is http://www2.yamate-seiyoukan.org/

Odawara Halloween in Takenohana

On October 31st, this long running event boasts some unique elements such as “guess the weight of the pumpkin”! There is also a costume contest and stamp rally. For more information check out the official website: http://takenohana.jp/


Halloween Festa at Seibu Yuenchi

Seibu Amusement Park opens their “Halloween Festa” from the 18th of September.  However, events don’t start until the 26th. On the weekends, if you find a staff member with a pumpkin bucket and say “Trick or Treat” you receive a treat! For the month of October if you come in fancy dress (costume) you receive a discount on the entry price; 400 yen off for adults, 300 yen off for children. On October 31st they have two Halloween parades in the late evening. They even have a HALLOWEEN PUPPY WEEKEND from October 10th to 12th with events for dogs and their owners. For more information check out their website:  http://www.seibuen-yuuenchi.jp/index.html

Halloween festival and Gourmet fair


The Saitama Super Arena has added a wonderful Halloween event for the weekend of October 17th. It will be held in the Keyaki Hiroba from 10am to 9pm.  It is for adults and children alike. The kids area has toys, activities and events.  The main area has food, drink, dance, music and other attractions. More information on the official Saitama Tourism and International Relations website:

「ガッツさいたま2015 ハロウィンフェスティバル with ぐるめフェア」が10/17(土)に開催されます。

Halloween Special Event Ari-kun and Rio-chan’s Halloween Parade

Come in fancy dress costume and parade with Ageo’s mascots for this fun Halloween event. There will 3 parades on the day at midday, 2pm and 4pm. Spot giveaways. More information in Japanese on the official site: http://www.ario-ageo.jp/web/event/53090ba0-b486-4b72-8c0a-359bb6f74f66.html  On this blog: http://insaitama.com/halloween-event-in-ageo-this-weekend/

Kisai Halloween 2015

Kisai Halloween

A shopping area in Kisai, band together to create a fun halloween event for children. This year it is quite early and is being held on October 4th.  There is no official website, but the blog, which has yet to be updated is: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kisai_halloween

Halloween World

Warabi’s Halloween World event has been set for October 25th. Reception opens at 9.30am and the costume parade, including best dressed contest, starts at 10am. It takes place right beside the West exit of Warabi Station in the Warabi Chuo Public Theatre. The official website is: http://www.city.warabi.saitama.jp/hp/menu000007800/hpg000007722.htm


Tobu Zoo Halloween

Special events planned during the month of October and they also have their halloween decorations out.


Halloween STEP party

Saitama Tots English Playgroup (STEP) are holding their first Halloween party in a park in Fujimino City this year. More information is available on this blog at: http://insaitama.com/2015/09/17/halloween-step-party-in-saitama-october-24th/

If you know of any Halloween event taking place in the Greater Tokyo or Kanto area, please do add it to the comments or mail it to me directly. Thank you so much.

Copyright of insaitama.com japanorama.me and L.M.N 2015, please do not copy without permission. Please do feel free to refer to the article and provide links, if you are quoting parts of the post. 🙂

Paper plate spider trick or treat bags

Yeah, it’s October 1st, I’m finally allowed talk about Halloween without getting eye rolls and or verbal abuse. I took our Halloween box out of storage a few weeks ago and the kids have been enjoying Halloween books, activities and DVDs. Last week we did some Autumn and Halloween origami paper craft to ease them into Halloween crafting. This week we’ve stepped it up a notch. The craft they did today, they really enjoyed, so I figure I’d share it as it’s been a long time since I did a craft post.


  • A Paper plate per child
  • Crayons
  • Paint brush
  • Black paint
  • Black paper
  • White paper
  • Red paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue or staples
  • Ribbon or wool or thread
  • Puncher


Spider prep Draw on the bottom side of a paper plate in bright crayon. Paint over in black paint. Allow it to dry. While you are waiting for it to dry, cut out 8 strips of black paper for legs. Cut out eyes from white paper and a mouth from red paper. We recycled origami paper.  When the paint has dried, use the reverse of the paint brush to scrape off some paint in whatever pattern suits you, to allow some of the brightly coloured crayon underneath to show through.
Fold the paper plate in half, and cut along the centre of the smooth part of the paper plate, do not cut the outer circle of the corrugated part of the plate. Glue, tape, stick or staple along the corrugated part of the plate to seal the plate into a bag.  Stick on the legs, eyes and mouth. Punch holes to thread either ribbon, thread or wool through to make handles or a strap for the bag. Make a hat out of black paper, as per the featured image.


My kids who participated in this craft are 6, 4 and 3. They were able to do each part by themselves and they thoroughly enjoyed it. And now they have an original trick or treat bag to collect goodies in. I know they are looking forward to that part the most!


The featured image that shows in the preview for this article is from Picollo Magazine, published by Gakken.  On the web (Japanese only): http://hon.gakken.jp/magazine/07639

September Scarecrow Showcase

Every year in September we enjoy a Scarecrow display on a route we often take, on national road 254. This year, the “September scarecrows” were actually put out in August. During the last week in August the weather, became uncharacteristically cool and Autumn was declared. I guess that is why the scarecrows went up early this year.

In previous years, I have found the selection much better, but I still got some Halloween costume ideas from this year’s display.  The last time I posted about the annual display was 2013 and the photo quality wasn’t very good, but you can get some more Halloween costume ideas there too. (Linked: September Scarecrow Showcase 2013).  While the selection was not as good as previous years, I did find some scarecrows that made me smile and I feel are worth a blog post. 🙂

Minions Scarecrow in Saitama, Japan


Shaun the sheep scarecrow

Shaun the Sheep in Saitama

Spongebob Square Pants in Saitama

Mickey Mouse scarecrow

A Police Cat or Cat Police!

“Nebaaru Kun” Mito City mascot or as Asahi Shinbun Writer Takeshi Teruya put it “the unofficial patron saint”

A creepy clown

The one in the middle of the below photo has me baffled. Any ideas?


There’s always at least one farmer.

Elephant man?


A Lego man


A teacher!? The arm band on this one has me curious.


Added on September 6th



I sometimes don’t get what they are supposed to be, but I truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into making them.  It is always a pleasure to go and view the September scarecrows. The kids really enjoy it, too, and it gets us thinking about Halloween and what we are going to dress up as. 🙂

Have you any scarecrows in your area? I’d love to hear about them, or even better still; see them. 🙂

Halloween winding down in Japan

You can currently see plenty of halloween displays, food and goods for sale all over Japan, often in the least expected places, but the peak of Halloween is almost over. Halloween goods are sold as early as the end of August in Japan, but they also come off the shelves earlier than expected.  You can already see Halloween goods being discounted in some of the larger foreign stores, such as Babies-r-us, a sure indication that they will be removed shortly. Similarly, the 100 yen shops typically cease to restock their halloween wares from the middle of October.

100 yen shop halloween goods
100 yen shop halloween goods
Halloween items are only a 100 yen each
Halloween items are only a 100 yen each
Halloween goods at the 100 yen shop (approximately 1 Euro or Dollar)
Halloween goods at the 100 yen shop (approximately 1 Euro or Dollar)

Apart from the costumes and knick knacks that are sold during September in Japan, you can also buy seasonal halloween food.

Halloween Kitty Chan donuts by Mr Donuts
Halloween Kitty Chan donuts by Mr Donuts
Baskin Robbins Halloween treats
Baskin Robbins Halloween treats
Famous cake shop Fujiya's character, Peko-chan, dressed up for Halloween
Famous cake shop Fujiya’s character, Peko-chan, dressed up for Halloween
Fujiya halloween treats
Fujiya halloween treats
Peko chan halloween roll at Fujiya
Peko chan halloween roll at Fujiya
Fujiya's halloween bakes and cakes
Fujiya’s halloween bakes and cakes

Now is the time to get a snap of the various halloween displays as chances are they will be gone by Halloween day.

Halloween display in my local fishmongers!
Halloween display in my local fishmongers!
Halloween display at a maternity hospital
Halloween display at a maternity hospital
Halloween display at Mr Donuts, for taking your photo
Halloween display at Mr Donuts, for taking your photo
Halloween display for taking photos at Babies-r-us
Halloween display for taking photos at Babies-r-us

For more on Halloween in Japan

See how international families in Japan celebrate here:

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