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New equipment at Isanuma Park, Kawagoe

Isanuma Park has a lovely adventure playground suitable for primary school age children, but younger children can also enjoy much of the equipment. Last year they removed a piece of playground equipment at Kawagoe Isanuma Park and started work on replacing it. The new athletic playground equipment is now finished and available for play. It is in keeping with the […]

紅葉 Autumn leaves at Isanuma Park, Kawagoe

The leaves at Isanuma Park in Kawagoe, Saitama, have passed their peak. Within the week they may have all fallen. However, today, there were still areas where it is quite pretty. Information Address: 584 Numata, Isanuma, Kawagoe 〒350-0855 埼玉県川越市 大字伊佐沼字沼田町584 TEL: +81 49-222-1301 Parking: Parking is available on two sides of the park. The most convenient and largest is the […]

Athletic Playground at Isanuma Park, Kawagoe

Isanuma Park’s athletic playground equipment is a great fun place to burn off some energy for the kids (and some calories for me!).  What the Japanese call “athletic playgrounds” is what we call “adventure playgrounds” in Ireland.  Isanuma’s playground is geared for 6 to 12 year olds, but I think kids from 3 up are well able for the challenge.  And its […]