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Only in Saitama; traditional Yattari Odori | KASUKABE

Yattari Odori is a traditional Japanese dance native and exclusive to Saitama. The Yattari Odori festival is held annually during the middle of July. This year the date falls on Saturday July 14th. Yattari Odori is said to originate from a celebration dance that was performed after Ohata town won a sumo tournament that was executed to settle a dispute […]

Kasukabe Summer Festival | KASUKABE

The 46th annual Kasukabe Summer Festival is being held on July 14th and 15th 2018. The festival is noted for its Mikoshi parades. A mikoshi is a palanquin or portable shrine. There are 20 mikoshi carried around the town during this festival. 260,000 people attend this popular festival in the home of Crayon Shinchan. Kasukabe Summer Festival Times On July 14th […]

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Santa Claus is coming to Aeon Mall | KASUKABE

Kasukabe Santa – Santa Claus will visit the Aeon Mall in Kasukabe on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2017.  He will also have an accordion player with him. You can take a photo with Santa and he will give children a present of a sweet. There are currently no conditions set for visiting him and it seems to be a free […]

Shishimai Lion Dance at New Year’s | KAWAGOE

January is one of my favourite months in Japan.  It is one of the driest months of the year and probably the sunniest in Winter.  Between the weather and the festive atmosphere, as New Year’s is as big in Japan as Christmas is in Ireland,  Japan is a great place to be in the first weeks of the New Year. […]