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Yuruchara (Mascot) Summit | HANYU

Yuruchara 2018 An ONLY IN JAPAN event! 400 Mascots from cities and towns and even products parade down the runway on the grounds of Saitama Aquarium at this popular annual event in Hanyu. Funassyi is set to attend the festival on Sunday the 26th. Other characters attending this year (2017): Last year they even have mascots participating from different countries […]

Santa at Ofuro Cafe Bivouac | KUMAGAYA

Santa Kumagaya – You can visit Santa Claus in Kumagaya in the most unlikely of places: an ofuro (Bath house)! Ofuro Cafe Bivouac opened in Autumn 2016. I posted about it at the time on Saitama With Kids Facebook page. I was excited about the fact that it has a climbing wall and a “glamping” feel interior. So I was […]

Santa Tochigi

The Santa Round Up 2017 | TOCHIGI

Santa Tochigi – I have saved the best for last! Tochigi, specifically Nasu, is my personal favourite place to visit Santa. There is a lovely Christmas atmosphere in the area with lots of Christmas and Santa decorations. Santa Tochigi 🎅Toysrus Sano Santa Claus visits the Toysrus in Sano on December 16th. He will be available for a greeting and a […]

Santa Ibaraki Mitsui Outlet Iruma Santa

The Santa Round Up 2017 | IBARAKI

Santa Ibaraki – Places you can visit Santa Claus in Ibaraki in Winter 2017. Unfortunately, some places already had Santa visit earlier in December, such as Toysrus in Mito. As published at the end of November on this blog; he also visited the Premium Outlets in Ami on the 10th.  Santa Ibaraki: Locations in Tsukuba 🎅Toysrus Tsukuba Santa Claus visits […]

Priya the magical dog, killer hornets and stone grilled food |Kawagoe

I was living in the Kawagoe area many years before I stumbled upon a curious little shop off the beaten track, which has intrigued and enthralled me ever since. The name of the shop is as ambiguous as the products and services they offer. The kanji over the door 浪漫 can be called “Roman“, the Japanese version of Romantic, but nowhere […]

Mooka SL Santa Train 2015 | Real life Christmas Train

Santa Train – Mooka Railway offer an incredible and very seasonal journey on a Steam Locomotive (SL) Train between the prefectures of Ibaraki and Tochigi.  For many of us, a steam train is an important part of our Christmas decorations, with prime position chugging around the base of the Christmas tree. Taking a real life steam locomotive trip around Christmas […]

Manhole Monday

Regular Monday feature for the month of NABLOPOMO, introducing the manhole cover art of the Greater Tokyo area of Saitama and beyond. MT TAKAO, TOKYO Even at 599 metres there are manhole covers! I couldn’t find a coloured one, but the steel one is quite nice regardless. KAWAGOE Kawagoe manholes have featured on my blog before, but this week I […]

PR Campaign on Tokyo Toilet Paper

A quick post from me today, for post #12 of NaBloPoMo on Tokyo Thursday. Recently when I was in Tokyo, I used the public facilities. Much to my entertainment I discovered that the toilet paper had a message on it. At first, I thought it was an appeal for people to stop stepping on the toilet paper, but on reading the […]

Manhole and Street Art

Continuing the weekly Monday theme of manholes, with a few street pictures thrown in. This past week I was in Saitama, Tokyo and Kanagawa. In photos: SAITAMA Fujimi       Higashimatsuyama   TOKYO Nerima Chiyoda       Shibuya       KANAGAWA Yokohama         Tune in next week for more!