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Cafe Pruisto

New quirky and trendy cafe “Puisto” in Moomin Valley | HANNO

Cafe Puisto in Tove Jansson’s Akebono Children’s Forest Park, aka Moomin Valley, which will continue to be the free part of the Metsa Moomin Theme Park opening sometime in the near future… Once upon a time there was a untainted secret children’s forest in the lush hills of Hanno. Some bloggers, myself included, tried to unveil its charms to whomever […]

Su Lab, the Kendama Cafe and Shop | KAWAGOE

I was ecstatic in the fleeting belief that I had made a really special new “find” today. My bubble was soon burst, when a quick search revealed that it wasn’t as much a new find rather than the good fortune to stumble upon a well established and celebrated speciality café. But while I may not be “breaking news” it still is […]

Place Review: Studio Cafe Zoo Adventure | FUJIMI

Studio Cafe Zoo Adventure This is my go-to cafe for a bit of break from the kids, while with the kids. It is one of the few places I know that allow children play unsupervised, unless they are 3 years old or under. The play area is sectioned off from the cafe area, but it is clearly visible. You can […]