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Saitama Sports Festival

Saitama Sports Festival 2018 | SAITAMA CITY

Saitama Sports Festival This is one of the best sporting events for children of school going age in the Saitama area. And it is so popular that they even have a countdown ticker on the official website! You can try a number of different sports on the same day as well as enjoy the company of some mascots! This year […]

Free climbing for adults and kids at North Omiya Housing Stage | OMIYA

Children have to be older than 5 years of age and weigh more than 16 kilogram. The upper weight limit for adults is 120 kilograms. They require you wear runners or sports shoes to participate. They won’t have climbing shoes for rent. The climbing wall is 6 meters high. They start distributing participation tickets from 10 am. Up to a […]

Monolith: Bouldering gym with kids wall | KAWAGOE

Monolith Kawagoe “Great indoor location for a half day of climbing fun for the family” Located on the border of Kawajima Town on route 254, Monolith, Kawagoe’s newest bouldering gym, opened about 18 months ago. It has enjoyed a regular trade since the very beginning. One of the appeals of this gym for me is that the staff are very friendly and helpful. I […]