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Wind Chimes event at Hikawa Shrine | KAWAGOE

Wind chimes at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine Last year the annual wind chimes at Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe were on display much earlier than usual, but this year they’ve pushed them back again. However, they will remain for a week longer than last year, stretching into September. The dates for 2018 are July 7th to September 9th. The wind chimes attract […]

Wind chimes at Hikawa Shrine | KAWAGOE

Each summer, Hikawa Shrine displays hundreds of wind chimes during the months of July and August. Today, a storm was brewing up and I instantly thought of going to see the chimes! Last year (2014), when we went the air was so dead that the chimes were also lifeless. Today, we could enjoy their soothing sounds. (Video used with permission). During […]