Theme cafes, restaurants and buffets for kids in Tokyo


Odaiba is a popular sightseeing spot and shopping area in Tokyo. There are numerous restaurants to cater to most tastes, below is a small selection of child friendly eateries.

Fuji TV chocolate fountain and buffet menuFuji TV Kids Cafe “Mamatoko”

This cafe is popular with all ages from small babies to 6th grade. There is a play area for each group too, but its the buffet that attracts the crowds. There are over 60 variety of foods and 3 chocolate fondue fountains.

Special Information:

♥Strollers / Prams / Buggies Ok
♥They have a feeding area, changing room and baby room
♥Child’s toilet
♥Child seats and children’s cutlery
♥Private room
♥You can order a birthday cake in advance
♥There are “service” hours; check their website
♥Discounts available on their website

Location:  On the 6th floor of Aqua City Odaiba

Hours:  11am to 8pm weekdays, till 9pm weekends


5 different menus with prices ranging from 180 yen for babies to 1,780 for adults.  Please look at their website for details.


Ramen kokugikan matsuri odaibaRamen Kokugikan Gotoramen Matsuri

This is like a ramen theme park where there are a number of ramen shops, with a variety of noodles, clustered together.

Special Information:

♥Strollers / Prams / Buggies Ok
♥Child seats

Location: On the 5th floor of Aqua City Odaiba

Hours: 11.00 to 23.00, LO 22.30


odaiba decksOdaiba Takoyaki Museum

This is another themed type collection of restaurants in the one area.  This time its takoyaki or Octopus dumplings.  Not ideal for smaller children, but popular among primary school children.

Location: Odaiba Decks

Hours: 11.00 to 21.00


Access to Odaiba Restaurants

  • All are on the Yurikamome line
  • Accessible from Shuto Expressway number 11’s Daiba Interchange

Tokyo Dome City

There are a huge selection of eateries in Tokyo Dome City, Tokyo Dome Hotel and the general Tokyo Dome area. You can find a list of the restaurants in English here.  I have chosen some of the more unique or popular places for young children.

Moomin cafe and bakery in tokyo dome cityMoomin Bakery and Cafe

Location: In LaQua, one of Tokyo’s largest hot spring resorts, Tokyo Dome City

Access:  Approximately 3 minute walk from Kourakuen Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Hours: 8.00 to 22.30 (LO 22.00) on weekdays, 8.00 to 22.oo (LO 21.00) on weekends and holidays


Baseball cafeBaseball Cafe

This American style restaurant themed on the major league, has a kids menu that comes with a hero figure.  Currently (May 2013), there are discount coupons available on their page on Tokyo Dome City’s website.

Special Information:

♥Strollers / Prams / Buggies Ok
♥They have changing facilities
♥Child seats
♥They will mark a birthday or special celebration
♥They have performances between 18.45 and 21.15
♥Discounts available on the Tokyo Dome City website

Bikkuri Donkey menu at tokyo dome cityBikkuri Donkey

Bikkuri Donkey is a chain restaurant that is popular among children. It has a 43 year history. It serves mainly burgers.  There are a number of branches in Tokyo.   You can find details of the opening hours in the Tokyo Dome City branch here.

Rilasse in Tokyo Dome HotelRilassa

Usually when I go to Kourakuen or as its most commonly called Tokyo Dome, I eat in the city and as yet I have not had the pleasure of dining in the Tokyo Dome Hotel. I first read of this Buffet in Rilassa, in Tokyo Dome Hotel, in a popular Japanese magazine.  I have since seen it mentioned in many (Japanese) “guides” to Tokyo with children.  You can get full information in English on their website here.

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