This weekend in Saitama February 16th and 17th

I have reintroduced “This weekend in Saitama”, by request, on a trial basis. You can of course find an event at anytime through the events calendar. To save time, I am sharing the pick up events from the event calendar. You don’t have to click into the event to see the date, time, cost and location as they are visible from the extract. But if you click through it has further information such as access details.

What’s on in Saitama this weekend?

This weekend in Saitama, February 16th and 17th 2019. A choice of 10 events on in Saitama this weekend:


🚲Bicycle event Saitama City

Japan’s largest bicycle event is on both Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th in Saitama Super Arena.

⛸ Ice Skating Kawaguchi

The seasonal outdoor ice rinks will be closing for the year soon. This coming weekend is the second last weekend for the ever popular Kawaguchi Green Center outdoor ice rink:

Railway Event

The annual Kenkatsu Railway fair is a great one for train lovers. It is a large event with activities, crafts, films, a mini steam locomotive and even B gourmet:

Spring Festivals

🌸Plum Blossom festival

One of Kanto’s “big three” plum blossom festivals starts on February 16th in Ogose. It will run until March 21st.

Traditional Events

★Try on Samurai Armour Saitama City

One of the Saitama Prefectural Museum of Folklore and History’s most popular events offers the rare chance for children to try on samurai armour. The event is only held a handful of times a year. The first of 2019 is this coming Saturday, the 16th of February:

🎎Hina Dolls Display at heritage house

There are a number of heritage homes and museums that exhibit hina doll displays for the lead up to girls day. One of the earlier ones is Toyama Memorial Museum in Kawajima:


🍲Nabe Festival Hidaka

Hidaka and Hanno join forces for a one day on Sunday February 17th for a nabe festival in Kinchakuda. The area is free to enter, you just have to pay for a bowl of nabe if you want to sample one. There is a flat rate of 300 yen per bowl:

🍓Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking is in full swing now and this weekend is prime picking time. Some of the strawberry picking farms will only open until the end of February, although most will run until May. Find a strawberry picking farm near you:


Quite a few of the winter illumination displays ended on Valentine’s day, but there are still a couple on. Including the excellent unique display from Team Lab and Metsa:

Pop Up Events

☕Hamtaro Pop Up Cafe

We rarely have pop up cafes in Saitama, but we currently have a Hamtaro Pop Up cafe in Koshigaya:

This is just ten of the events on this weekend. You can find twice that in the events calendar. You can also find upcoming events for the rest of February, March… right the way up to July! Check it out!

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