autumn in isanuma

Isanuma Park is a largely wooded area, but some of the trees are evergreen. However, there are other varieties of tree whose leaves change colour in Autumn. There are a lot of oak trees in the park which not only give a lovely orange colour in autumn, they also provide an ample supply of acorns in early Autumn. It is a great spot for collecting acorns in October and early November. 

Today, the leaves at Isanuma Park in Kawagoe, Saitama, had passed their peak. Within the week they may have all fallen. However, we were lucky to see a few areas where it is still quite pretty.


Address: 584 Numata, Isanuma, Kawagoe 〒350-0855 埼玉県川越市 大字伊佐沼字沼田町584

TEL: +81 49-222-1301

Parking: Parking is available on two sides of the park. The most convenient and largest is the parking lot opposite the lake.  There is also parking along the west side industrial area and by the small hotel and tennis courts on the North West side of the park.

By Bus: Take a bus for Kawagoe Green Park and alight at Isanuma Bouken no Mori, approximately 5 minutes walk from bus stop.



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  1. How beautiful. Isanuma park is near to my house. It takes less than 10 minutes from my house by car. 😀

    1. Author

      That is close. Its a lovely part of Kawagoe. We used to go more often, recently I only bring them once in a while, when I’ve been to the OK store to stock up on cheap goods! Do you shop at that store in Homes? You must be quite close to the Babies-r-us as well then? Another place we used to play in quite a bit when my 4yo and 2yo were smaller. We’re almost neighbours 😉

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