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10 places for cherry blossoms in Kawagoe in a Google Web Story. The image above this is actually a web story, unfortunately you need to be on a device (smart phone / tablet etc) to use it properly. It should still scroll automatically on a laptop, but it doesn’t go into full screen. But you can get the full screen here. For those who are on a device, just click on the story (photo) and it will start the web story. Click on the “Learn More” for specific information about the place.

Google Web Stories

I was fortunate enough to get early access to Google web stories. They will be rolled out to the world in the coming weeks. However, as they are not mainstream yet, they are very glitchy. I have no doubt when all the kinks have been rolled out they will be a great resource.

Google web stories are the latest version of what were once called Amp Stories. They are a collaboration between Google and WordPress. Moreover, they are Google’s answer to Instagram and Facebook’s stories and Twitter’s Fleets. Unlike the social media stories to date, Googles are searchable, editable and permanent. And they will have a lot of add ons. For one, you can link each story page to a WordPress blog post. Hence, my interest!

Introducing my third attempt at Google Web Stories (test 1 Enomoto Farm| test 2 New Year Japan). Bear in mind as this product is still in testing stage, its not perfect. And they are quite difficult to compose right now for the same reason. That will get easier. And I am really looking forward to publishing more when it is rolled out for mass use.

10 Cherry Blossom Spots in Kawagoe

This story introduces 10 places to see cherry blossoms in Kawagoe. All but one page* are linked to an article on the blog with even more detail about the location. All you have to do is click the “learn more” image and it will bring you to information specific to that location. I hope! I’m still learning too! Any feedback is much appreciated.

*The one place that doesn’t have a page of its own yet is Benten Bridge. It is one of only a few cherry blossom spots in Kawagoe that has alluded me. Each time I have tried to visit it, I’ve timed it wrong. So I do have a few photos of the location, but they are not very good. The photos on this blog post will give you a much better idea. Benten bridge, like Hikawa shrine, is along the Shingashi River, but much further South. It is within walking distance of Miyoshino Shrine and Honmaru Goten (see map at bottom) which both are on the list too!

The places

These are the places that are in the Web Story for those on a laptop or computer. All are mapped on a Google My Map below this list. In case you have a problem with the web story they are listed here also, with links to more information too, for easy reference:

  1. Shingashi River ~ Hikawa Shrine
  2. Shingashi River ~ Benten Bridge
  3. Miyoshino Shrine and Honmaru Goten
  4. Isanuma Park and Marsh
  5. Kawagoe Aqua Park
  6. Kitain and Senba Tosho-gu
  7. Nakain
  8. Renkeiji – sorry this is linked to Kyou no Gohan for the moment. Renkeiji only has a few cherry blossom trees, but they are mature and stunning backdropped by the temple. Moreover, it is located just before the main tourist strip. Its on the walk from all three of Kawagoe Station’s to the storehouse area. So it is easy to stop off on a regular tour of Kawagoe’s tourist area. Official website.
  9. Kawagoe Sports Park
  10. Oisezuka Park

I won’t be publishing a post like this every time I write a Google Web Story. But just until the product is launched around the worldwide web. Hopefully, in the coming weeks. (I receive no rewards or benefits of any kind for promoting Google Web Stories, just sharing my experience with it.)

Anyone else trying out Google Web Stories? How are you finding it? Any tips and tricks you’d like to share? And to readers; what do you think? Would you like to see more stories like this?

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