kawazuzakura in Kawajima along the Ando River

Kawazuzakura are an early blooming, pink cherry blossom. They normally bloom from around the third week in February to early March, generally speaking. There are locations where they bloom earlier and places where they bloom later. However, in Saitama Prefecture the kawazuzakura are more fickle than the main variety of somei yoshino cherry blossoms. It is not unusual for the Kawazu cherry blossoms, in certain parts of Saitama, to go from buds to green without ever revealing their blossoms. Especially in years where they are late to bloom, like last year, 2022.

Below a selection of ten places for Kawazuzakura. This is not an exhaustive list, there are plenty more places with beautiful Kawazu cherry blossoms in Saitama. I chose these to try and showcase the variety available in the prefecture. Moreover, I chose among the locations that already have English information available. Unfortunately, I have several other kawazu spots stuck in drafts, hopefully I’ll get to publish them in time for the 2023 season.

10 places for Kawazuzakura in Saitama Prefecture

kawazu zakura in Washinomiya area of Kuki city with a picturesque water bridge. One of ten places to see kawazuzakura in Saitama Prefecture

1. Saitama’s most stunning kawazuzakura spot?

Amazingly this picturesque kawazu zakura, early blooming, cherry blossom spot remained off the radar for years. Despite having 335 kawazu cherry trees along a 3.5 kilometer river stretch. In recent years, it has enjoyed increased fame and acclaim.

Spot: Aogebori River
Location: Kuki City
Access: Higashiwashinomiya or Washinomiya Stations

Han no mori kawazu cherry blossoms

2. Secret Hilltop kawazu paradise

This spot remains off the beaten path despite its breathtaking beauty. I love lying in the center of the hilltop with a sky of pink above me! If you want a quiet kawazu experience, head to this hill! Its a little tricky to get to, but worth the journey.

Spot: Hannomori Park
Location: Fukaya City
Access: Taxi from Okabe station

REd torii X kawazu cherry blossoms in Saitama Prefecture

3. For kawazu X red torii

Despite several attempts, I have personally yet to catch this beautiful kawazuzakura spot in its prime. But it doesn’t matter. In my experience, they are photogenic at any stage of bloom thanks to a vibrant red torii in the frame. Moreover, you can see stunning plum blossoms in the park at the same time.

Spot: Honjo Park
Location: Honjo City
Access: Honjo Station

Sumiyoshi early blooming sakura Sakado insaitama.com

4. Once every four years

Incredibly, the kawazu cherry blossoms at this location tend to only bloom once every four years. And unfortunately 2023 is not their year to bloom as they generally bloom in sync with the Olympics. But there are always exceptions!

Spot: Sumiyoshi Kawazuzakura Promenade
Location: Sakado City
Access: Bus from Wakaba Station

Kawazuzakura early blooming kawazu cherry blossoms around an athletic track in Kumagaya

5. Sports park Kawazu!

I would never have thought to look for kawazuzakura in a Sports park, but thankfully a fellow Saitama lover shared information for this location with me. No surprise it is well known among athletes, but it is not quite mainstream yet. There are three different kawazu cherry blossom spots within the park.

Spot: Kumagaya Sakura Sports Park
Location: Kumagaya City

kawazu zakura Ageo

6. Small park, big blossoms!

There are only a few kawazu cherry blossoms in this small local park, but they are particularly voluptuous. So its not unusual to see professional photographers, with all their gear, patiently snapping the blossoms in all their glory.

Spot: Koizumi Hikawa Yama Park
Location: Ageo City
Access: Kita Ageo Station

Kawazu sakura, green grass, blue sky in Yamazaki Park, Fujimi City

7. Popular local riverside spot

These kawazuzakura in Fujimi City are quite well known. I think they were one of the first I personally heard about, but they were one of the last I went to see! There’s not that many, but their riverside location beside the small but much loved Yamazaki park draws hundreds of visitors each year.

Spot: Yamazaki Park
Location: Fujimi City
Access: Tsuruse or Mizuhodai Stations

Kawazu zakura early blooming cherry blossoms in Kawagoe

8. Never disappoints!

Hopefully not famous last words! But to date, there are two places I have visited frequently where the kawazu blossoms bloom every year. Number 1 on this list and this location in Sembagashi, Kawagoe. This location also only has a few trees, but they are mature and in an unusual setting.

Spot: Sembagashi Historical Park
Location: Kawagoe City
Access: Kawagoe Station

Avenue of kawazuzakura Gongendo Park Satte

9. In a park that knows how to do flowers!

This spot is relatively new as a kawazu cherry blossom destination, but the park is well known for flowers throughout the year. In time, this spot will no doubt become increasingly popular for its early bloomers too. You can see plum blossoms in the park at the same time too.

Spot: Satte Gongendo Park
Location: Satte City
Access: Bus from Satte Station

Rakusato no kai kawazu zakura cherry blossoms

10. A kilometer of kawazu

The first few times I visited this off the beaten spot in Okegawa, I couldn’t understand why it was not more famous. A kilometer of double lined Kawazu surely deserves acclaim. However, over the years, I came to understand… unfortunately, this is one of the locations where the kawazu do not bloom annually. They haven’t bloomed for three years now, so I am really hoping 2023 will be their year!

Spot: Rakusato no Kai
Location: Okegawa City
Access: Bus from Okegawa or Kawagoe Station

Even more kawazuzakura locations in Saitama

  1. I was torn between the picturesque kawazuzakura in Ageo Maruyama park and the location I chose for number 5. I decided on the smaller park as its lesser known.
  2. Yatsunosato, one of my favourite places in the Hiki District, located in Namegawa Town has some beautiful Kawazu trees. There are two different locations, but each only have a handful of trees.
  3. There is a small, but very pretty kawazu spot in Kawajima too. Unfortunately, like several other locations on this post, are touch and go – sometimes they bloom, sometimes they don’t. The featured image at the top of this post, is from the Kawajima location.
  4. For Kawazu X bamboo, this quaint spot along the Kamakura Kaido is well worth checking out. Especially as there are other kawazu, plum blossoms and flowers in bloom in the area at the time.
  5. You can use the Kawazuzakura tag to find these and a few other Kawazuzakura spots quickly and easily.

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