Enomoto Dairy Farm – family run, amiable dairy farm in rural Saitama, but close to big cities and even Tokyo itself. The Enomoto Dairy Farm reminds me of the farms at home in Ireland and is known fondly as Little Hokkaido in Ageo!

Enomoto Dairy Farm

Dairy farm Saitama

You can buy fresh milk products including their famed gelato. There are also options for cow milking and workshops. They have push along rides and a wild playground to entertain the kids (as if the animals weren’t enough!) And in spring there are cherry blossoms and rapeseed. There are seasonal events too such as fireworks viewing¹, barbecue and a candle night.

¹You can see the annual Ageo fireworks from Enomoto Dairy Farm and they stay open especially for people to watch from the farm. Please note there are no Ageo fireworks in 2020.

Things to do at Enomoto Dairy Farm Saitama


Donkeys at Enomoto Dairy farm

The farm has cows – as you would expect! You can walk into the cow sheds and see them up close. You can also watch the milking from a dais above the main cow milking area in the farm. (There maybe changes during the Coronavirus outbreak to protect the cows). The farm also has some pigs, chickens and donkeys.

Pig at Dairy Farm Saitama
Pig at Enomoto Dairy Farm


Push along toys at Enomoto dairy Farm back dropped by cherry blossoms

The main courtyard, at the front of the famous ice-cream shop, is home to dozens of push along rides. They are all free to use. There is a wild playground with tire swings and an old tractor that kids can muck about on. There is a zip line too, but it doesn’t work very well!


Cows at Enomoto Dairy Farm Saitama

For older children and adults you can try your hand at dairy farming! They have sessions when you can milk the cows for a nominal fee. They also have butter making classes. The dairy farm Saitama also has a course where you can try five different dairy farming experiences. You can book through the website linked in the information section.



There are a few benches and a couple of picnic tables you can sit at, but I don’t know if you can picnic here. You can of course eat their delicious ice-cream. Prices start at ¥262 for a cone or cup of fresh ice-cream. See more on the ice-cream shop here. They also sell coffee. And there is a vending machine by the cyclists stand at the front of the courtyard that sells drinks too.


Playground with barbecue are in the background

There is a barbecue section beside the two car parks. It has a view of the outdoor cow pens where there are also donkeys. And it is beside the adventure playground. The bring your own food barbecue is really reasonably priced at just 220 yen per person to rent the space. You can rent all the necessary barbecue equipment for 1110 yen. Booking in advance is recommended.


Cherry Blossoms at Enomoto Dairy Farm Saitama along the Arakawa Ageo Kawajima

For the seven or eight years I had at least one toddler underfoot, this was a favorite spot for cherry blossom viewing. In Enomoto Farm in Ageo City is ideal for hanami with kids. The majority of the cherry blossoms are at the back of the farm past the BBQ area and by the Arakawa (Ara River). However, with young toddlers the main courtyard is a great place to enjoy hanami with the rides for kids.

Cherry blossoms at Enomoto Farm

There are a couple of yaezakura – the late blooming fluffy cherry blossoms – that bloom mid April opposite the entrance to the farm. They are back dropped by the rapeseed along the river that bloom from around February to the end of April.

The free push alongs at Enomoto Farm are quite old as are the play things in the BBQ area and its lacking in some areas, such as accessibility and baby facilities, but its a lovely place to visit especially with children. The family feel and the relaxed atmosphere make it an enjoyable place to visit – for those in the area – time and time again.

Enomoto Dairy Farm Saitama

Enomoto Dairy Farm Saitama
Address:736-1 Azeyoshi, Ageo, Saitama 362-0065
Hours:9.30 am to 5 pm.
It opens late a couple of times a year for seasonal events.
Cost:Playing is free.
Ice-cream, barbecue and experiences start from 262 yen.
Online:Official Website
Online Store


Cherry blossoms at Enomoto

It is a little tricky by car the first time as the entrance is easy to miss. It is right beside a cemetery on a corner, which is a good landmark to know when to turn. The closest parking is just after you turn the corner on the left hand side. There is more parking further down at the back of the farm.

Enomoto Dairy Farm was first published as “Hanami Spots with Toddlers, Enomoto Farm Ageo” in March 2013. Last update on April 28th 2020.

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