For the month of October I hope to do a Halloween craft a day with my kids. Today’s craft is an extension of a craft we frequently do when we read “The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle and make spider webs with paper, string and tape. Normally we draw the spiders in the web, but with Halloween approaching I want to decorate the house with various homemade Halloween crafts. These paper spiders are a great start to our decorations and a fun way to get in the spirit of Halloween. Of course this is also a good activity to do in conjunction with The Very Busy Spider. This craft is recycled from materials used for the paper ice-cream craft.

You will need

  • previously made paper ice-cream or if making from scratch; a gachapon capsule or a shallow wide cup such as the cup on a flask, or a yoghurt carton would work too. We used origami paper, but you could easily use regular paper. You will also need some tissue.
  • pipe cleaners (chenille stems), tape, a scissors and a marker.
  • an elastic band if you want to hang the spider so that it moves in the wind or bounces when pulled.

We used the paper ice-cream scoops we made the other day for the spider’s body, you can find the step to step on that post, or here’s a recap;

1-Paper Ice-cream Cones recycled

The kids drew faces on them and then very simply we taped 4 pipe cleaners on each to make the 8 legs of the spider.  We cut elastic bands and taped them to the spider and hung them from the window frame. Easy, fun, no mess; my kind of craft!

2-DSCF0982 3-DSCF0984

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