2 minutes easy paper crafts – Ice-creams

I turned on the TV to check the weather one morning this week and there was a crafts show for children on. They were making paper ice-cream. My little ones watched in awe, so it was only fitting that we gave it a try.

You will need a gachapon capsule or a shallow wide cup such as the cup on a flask, or a yoghurt carton would work too. We used origami paper, but you could easily use regular paper. You will also need some tissue and the cardboard of toilet or kitchen roll paper.

Half of a gachapon capsule;

gachapon capsule

Insert origami paper into the capsule / cup / yoghurt carton;


Stuff one to two pieces (or as many as you like) of tissue paper into the origami paper;


Fold the remaining origami paper over the tissue;


Take the ice-cream scoop out;


Cut the cardboard of the toilet roll in half, fold down one end to make a point;


Place the origami ice-cream into the cone;


It sits in quite well so I didn’t need to use tape, but you could use tape if you want to secure it better.  My kids enjoyed this more than I expected, maybe because they had seen it on TV. They made paper ice-cream for over an hour, without needing supervision (score!). We ended up with a veritable paper ice-cream shop!

This activity could also be useful for Mothers on bedrest looking to do easy, restful activities with children.

More paper crafts on daysofourlifejapan.wordpress.com

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  • Michaela

    October 23, 2013 at 00:14

    I’m doing this. I can see they’ll thoroughly enjoy it. I might put vanilla essence on the tissue and have extras for them to dabble with too.

    • Elle

      October 27, 2013 at 19:55

      Brilliant. If I used the vanilla essence trick no doubt little miss 1 year old would eat it!!


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