We are psyching up to Halloween, a very big holiday at home (Ireland) with its ancient roots in the Samhain, a celtic festival. I haven’t decided what to dress the kids as yet, but I always have a pirate outfit as the back-up plan as it is so easy to make. The pirate’s sword is about as easy a Halloween accessory as you can get and it will only take 2 minutes of your time to show the kids how to make it. It will take the kids longer, but its fun and challenging for them.

There is little in way of preparation, you just need to have a shirase (flyer or leaflet) or a sheet of newspaper to hand. You will also need a little bit of tape. Simply roll the paper from the corner as shown in the bottom left of the photo below. You need to get it as tight as possible for the sword to be quite sturdy.

Once you have finished rolling it nice and tight, simply bend the rod approximately 4 inches on one end, marked with a yellow line below, and bring it over to meet the rod, point X in the photo below, and simply tape it and voila you have a sword!

My 4-year-old and 2-year-old thoroughly enjoyed making their own swords; and they made plenty of them! They find it hard to roll it tight so I start it for them, but after a few trials and errors they made their own.

This activity can also be enjoyed by Mothers on bedrest.

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