A room for infants in Higashimatsuyama municipal play center Sole

Named “Sole”, as in the Italian for sun, this community play center in Higashimatsuyama is particularly nice. In Japanese, these type of children’s community center are called either a Jidokan 児童館 or a Jido Center 児童センター. In Higashimatsuyama, they refer to them as Jidokan. More often than the children playRead More →

Shinrin Park

Best of Saitama: comprehensive information for the sprawling lush Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park, aka Shinrin Park: Most recent information for 2024: Colorful Early Spring Festa at Shinrin Park, “Spring Letter”The popular Happy Spring Park, March in Shinrin Park Shinrin Park – Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park Musashi Kyuryo NationalRead More →

Japan's largest water mill, waku waku land and attractions at Saitama Museum of rivers in Yorii Saitama Prefecture

Saitama Museum of Rivers, as the name implies, is a river museum, located in Yorii town. It is home to the largest water mill in Japan. It has a number of facilities available under the general admission price including their main educational hall where children can learn about rivers in generalRead More →