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A few places have the pleasure of Santa’s company in early December. I have had some queries about this and want to make the information available as soon as possible. Here are some of the places you can visit Santa early December (1st & 2nd).

Redbrick Warehouse, Yokohama

Redbrick Warehouse Santa 2017 | Yokohama

Haneda Royal Park Hotel Tailwind

A public Santa will visit Tailwind on December 2nd from noon. For the first 50 customers to book lunch there for the day Santa visits there will also be a gift from Finnair of a 2018 calendar. They have a special “Finland” lunch set for 2000 yen for the occasion. Lunch starts from 11 am. The phone number to book is 03-6830-1101.

Official event webpage


Shinagawa Goos

Santa Claus is visiting Shinagawa Goos in conjunction with Keikyu and Finnair, on December 2nd. However, you have to book for this event between November 24th and 28th you can book to hang out with Santa in Shinagawa Goos on December 2nd.

Official site:

St Clair Ochanomizu

Santa in Toysrus Iwatuski

Other early Santa in Saitama and Chiba

Santa will also visit some locations in Chiba and Saitama on December 2nd. You will find the Chiba locations on the Chiba Santa round-up and the Saitama locations on the events calendar.

If you wish to have Santa visit your home, Guy Totaro can put you in touch with the real Santa in Tokyo with his “In Home Santa” service. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to or experience with this service and I don’t receive any compensation for posting this. I share with the hope it will be of help to others:

Contact details: Guy Totaro

The Smile Ambassadors

Santa in Tokyo banner

 It’s here!!:

The Santa Round-up 2017 | TOKYO

Kanagawa Santa


The Santa Round-Up 2017 | KANAGAWA



Santa in Saitama





Santa Claus events are on the Saitama Events Calendar.


Santa in Chiba




The Chiba Santa list is here!!;



The Santa Round Up 2017 | TOCHIGI



Premium Outlets Santa Claus |GREATER TOKYO AREA



The Santa Round Up 2017 | GUNMA





Premium Outlets Santa Claus |GREATER TOKYO AREA

The Santa Round Up 2017 | IBARAKI